Kanye Apologizes to Taylor Swift

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I don’t think its enough…


  1. is that seriously what he calls an apology?

  2. I still love you Kanye … But that was grimey … Lolz I still respect you keeping it real ….

  3. This cant be real lmao. Its called lowercase, Use it

  4. I feel you man… Kanye fucked up big time and it looks like it was the Henny…

  5. That man is an ass hole. He pretty much tried to apologize, then criticized her at the same time.

  6. yuuup ; it dew sound fake bt taylor sucks neway sooo oh well team kanye !

  7. KanyeSucksDick

    Kanye West needs to stop being around human beings he obviously isn’t one. Everyone was hyped cause of the michael jackson tribute and taylor swift won her first vma and he calls THIS and apology. Look you washed up douche bag, the only reason why your still around is cause of the ratings people will get. Just know the rest of america is going to OFFICIALLY hate your guts. SHES 19!!!!!!!! YOU RUINED IT FOR HER THANK GOD BEYONCE IS CLASSY AND LET HER HAVE HER MOMENT. NO ONE NEEDS YOUR HELP KANYE, GO FUCK YOUR UGLY ASS GIRLFRIEND!!! Bitch.

  8. Yo, an apology is an apology! Yea wat he did was to an extreme, but now she know what tha real world has to offer. Kanye still tha shit, n if u stopped bein a fan cuz of dat…den u should stop bein anyones fan at all!! Shit happens, it was jus her time!

  9. That wasn’t a fuckin apology that was an excuse for what he did….he needs to apologize publicly he embarassed the shit outta her..wether you were keepin it real or not it was a rude ignorant thing to do ass hole!

  10. that was dead wrong u just wanted some air time so u decided to steal the white girls shine…pitiful

  11. You know what, she is a kid and what you did, apology or not was COMPLETELY inexcusable. Even though Beyonce gave her a moment, it wasn’t HER moment, you took something from a very good artist that she has been waiting for probably most of her life. TOOK IT. Even your apology is backhanded. I’m from the mid-west too. Detroit to be exact, and we are raised with better values than what you displayed on stage, and it’s not the first time you have disgraced yourself, your city, your industry and your mother.
    And you do her hard work raising you and her gifts to education and her everlasting love a disservice.
    You could’ve had it all taken from you in that car accident, but the Most High spared you so that you may share your gift with us, the world.
    We have danced to your music, supported you as fans, as friends, and you KEEP making us regret it.
    I am a true follower of Hip Hop and know of your work going back to BEFORE Jigga starting big up’ing you in his songs…and I am truly embarrassed.
    You WILL NOT find peace at the bottom of a Hennessey bottle, you cannot sleep with enough beautiful women to make the sorrow disappear. I will keep you in my prayers, but I WILL not be purchasing ANYTHING else with your name on it until the real Kanye comes back…

  12. you're a dumbass!

    wow.. he “blogs” about it? what kind of apology??!?! no kanye.. i’m pretty sure you LOST fans because of how disrespectful you are.. forget being “real” cuz apparently you can’t even be a decent human being.. wth is wrong with you?!??!? did you not learn any manners?!?!


  14. how can you be a fan of “real pop culture” pshh do you know what that even is?!? millions of people love that video and song by taylor.. you’re just a bigot who thinks that your way of thinking and your tastes are the standard for everyone else.. they’re not.. you just need to get a reality check and stop being the cocky asshole that you praise yourself to be! you’re supposedly keeping it “real” when your head is up in the clouds.. you’re not the almighty and your actions are not excusable.

  15. Kanye that was wrong and you lost mad respect from a lot of people, myself included you can feel passionate about something but you don’t have to crash someone else’s moment or dream to make it known. We are tired of you doing these stupid actions to keep the spotlights on you. You are a talented artist but these outburst are making it hard for people to embrace and appreciate you more. I know your mom is ashamed of you from where she is!!!

  16. Jennifer Thomas

    First of all, fuck Kanye. We don’t give a fuck about Kanye. You need to help idiot. Grow up!

  17. No this is not enough. We must all think before we act. Beyonce got the award she deserved in the end as Taylor was receiving what she deserved. Its the fans that speak at the VMA’s and I love Beyonce but Taylor’s songs are what gets by 13 year old daughter through difficult days and that’s what her music and that award was about. You can’t view life through tunnel vision. There are many more perspectives then yours. Things mean different things to different people. Beyonce might be one of the entertainers of the Century but that video in my eyes was not the video of the decade as it is in yours. Yours is not the only opinion. Your inner self needs work, your ego is too large. Please read some books on Tao or some Wayne Dyer books on the Ego. BTW your video was actually my favorite… Now ain’t that some sh*t…

  18. he only apologized bc everyone was booing him…it does’nt sound sincere. It sounds like he was made to write it so that he didn’t look so bad… however, he is a classless asshole!


  20. Kanye was really right about Bush hating blk people, he might have some validity to what he’s saying now….what do you think

  21. kanye has lost respect for many many people. sorry bud, but you’re a no-class loser now. taylor swift is now props over you man.

  22. Dear Kanye,
    Prepare for a fucking slaughter.

  23. taylor sucks??she gots a voice..
    kanye aint got shit
    can’t sing cuz he sound funny as fuck.i can’t sing neither so i dnt try..
    dat fool can’t rap for shit he be makin da dumbest rhymes i ever heard..his shit is aint what u call music. if u listen to his shit u a fake as fuck, just like kanye

  24. That’s why I burn his CDs, arrogant ass. Taylor is a good artist. I usually don’t watch or listen to pop or country but every time I see her video I have to watch it. Kanye, I am embarrassed by your actions. If that’s how you feel, fine be entitled to your opinion but stealing the spot light from somebody is just low. how would you feel if somebody did you like that by saying Jay-Z is a better rapper then you, wait they have but at least they didn’t put you on blast at the VMAs. Why even stick up for Beyonce, her man don’t even care too much for your ass with you autotune using ass.

  25. I’m sorry but Kanye can’t continue to “blame it on the alcohol”. Sorry dude…you messed up…and it’s too late!!!

  26. kanye=douchebag!

    that is no were near an apology. he know what he was doing. he’s a jerk and he knows it! he loves the attention good or bad. he lost the respect of his fans an i dont care how “real” he thinks he is. you dont take someones moment no matter what you think the results should’ve been!

  27. screammesomethin

    how is this an apology? he simply restated what he said on stage. and how does this make him a real fan of pop culture? wtf. crack is wack kanye. quit the drugs and you might not be such an asshole 24/7.

    i gotta give props to beyonce though that was one of the classiest things ive seen.

  28. Come on be real. Yea Kanye messed up. It was rude to interrupt but everybody is making it seem like he slapped this girl. He apologized to the girl’s mama and he’s going public tomorrow and yall are the ones saying he didn’t do enough? Your name’s not Taylor Swift. That chick is 19 with more money than all us combined. If she’s really that distraught over her “moment” when God has blessed her like this then something’s wrong with her too. And yes Kanye has problems but this has been blown way out of proportion. He’s still a human being, he just lost his mother, how would you deal with that? Alcohol? You really think yall are better people than him? No you’re just judgmental. If I lost my mom like that I’d probably get called a douche too. People do dumb things when they’re in pain. Get over it. Quit acting like that girl is your daughter.


  29. Kanye is an enormous fucking tool. All of you retards that excuse him because he’s “just being Kanye” are just as stupid as he is.

    This isn’t the first time the retard has pulled shit like this, and it won’t be the last, unless these award shows learn to tell his idiot ass to stay the hell home, and watch it on TV – like the rest of America.

    You retards that actually endorse his behavior are the whole reason negative stereotypes are still being perpetuated. Pull your heads out of your collective asses, learn how to respect other human beings, and maybe you’ll learn how to do something more than pull a trigger.


    If he’s going to continue making that crap he calls music, then at least steal it so his bitch ass can go back to the ghetto.

  31. Kanye’s so self-centered, I thought he said he learned something from that South Park Episode… and didn’t he blog about that too? tool.

  32. You aint sorry Nigger your publicist prolly made you say it! Im looking forward to watchin you get eaten alive by the press, your career may be over. Beyonce deserves respect but so did Taylor!

  33. All this hate…..smh

  34. When will you uneducated morons finish “KILLIN” each other off so the rest of us don’t have to hear you any more? You speak like animals, act like animals and should be kept in a zoo to protect the human race. If a white man did that to a young black girl, there would be riots in the streets tomorrow. But I read things like “It was rude to interrupt but everybody is making it seem like he slapped this girl”. “That chick is 19 with more money than all us combined. If she’s really that distraught over her “moment” when God has blessed her like this then something’s wrong with her too”. Let’s make excuses for this Ass and blame the victim, that will make things better.

    Typical Moron:
    Starrz says:
    Sep 14, 2009 at 12:15 am
    Yo, an apology is an apology! Yea wat he did was to an extreme, but now she know what tha real world has to offer. Kanye still tha shit, n if u stopped bein a fan cuz of dat…den u should stop bein anyones fan at all!! Shit happens, it was jus her time!

    I would say maybe a third grade education? Kanye’s target audience!!

  35. Not an apology. get out of your own ass. you’re a pseudo intellectual idiot without a shred of class or sophistication. A POSER. “Keepin it real”? Please. More like “Keepin it about YOU”. You don’t deserve any of the good fortune you’ve had.


  37. you are stupid, you should never be allowed to go to any form of event like that again. all you are is ignorant, and arrogant. just stay home and mind ur business and leave people alone.

  38. Maybe you need to just watch the awards from home Kanye since you can’t behave rationally…. and since the Vmas are chosen by the people in a democratic form maybe you should opt for politics since you feel a need to promote and maybe just maybe you will get a moon man next time plus didn’t you say you weren’t going to attend a Vma award ceremony next time your not only rude your also a hypocrite so stop portraying yourself as Real …. real people keep their word better yet real men keep their word your far from that definition sweetheart

  39. Wow, what a backlash against Kanye, huh? Although it was funny, when you look at it in perspective, he has a ruined another person’s chance to savor her efforts being recognized with an award.

    I read this blog a while ago about some of Kanye’s controversies, and it’s really become a habit. Not sure if you allow URL’s in your comments, but if you do, here’s the link: http://www.whythisblogsucks.com.

    I like how it’s written. Funny, yet informative.

  40. I don’t think your crazy, and although her feelings might have been hurt you shouldn’t have to apologize for what you believe in! Every one has their opinion, every body wants to boo but come on now every one should already know Kanye been speaking his mind since day one. Get use to it…. KANYE IS MY HERE for that real talk. Working on my KANYE IS MY HERO shirt right now and I dare some one to say something negative about it! Maybe if the world was more like Kanye and spoke their mind on how they feel people wouldn’t be so up tight. Why sugar coat stuff…. God gave us our own mind and free will to say how we feel!

  41. Thats how an Egotistic person like Kanye would apologize. Fucking gayfish.

  42. Kanye is a d bag i feel bad for taylor she didnt even have anything to say afterwards shes just a sweet innocent girl and kanye blasted her on national tv and beyonces video blew anyways

  43. Really? You BLOGGED your apology AFTER you made Taylor feel like crap for winning inrfont of all her fans and more at the VMAs? REALLY?! Wtf Man?!

  44. Beyonce did the right thing… Not Kanye… Flucking douche bag

  45. Kanye is a simple DRUNK who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. The frickin loser couldn’t even make it into the awards without a bottle of the juice in hand.

  46. is this for real?

  47. This is a prime example for how to write an improper apology.

    Re-take English, please.

  48. Does anyone realize that Taylor Swift didn’t deserve it…and Kanye is right. Perhaps, he went about it in the wrong way..but come on. Beyonce should’ve won and everyone knows it.

  49. Fuck you and fuck beyonce. Kanye you don’t deserve an award. The only thing you deserve is to have your face shoved into a french fryer, your balls dipped in sulfuric acid, and your dick ripped off by a horse and eaten by rabid wolves. Your music sucks camel dick and you yourself suck horse dick. And by the way, you’re a gay fish. Suck it bitch rapper.

    • I agree with your fuck Kanye statement, but I gotta give props to Beyonce for doing the right thing and letting Taylor Swift make her acceptance speech. It shows that Beyonce has some class and feeling, which Kanye West seems to be void of. It’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s another to use it to steal the spotlight for your arrogant ways.

  50. 1 – That is the worst apology ever. You suck.
    2 – You ruined her first ever VMA award, one she said herself she’s been dreaming of getting. No matter how many times you say sorry, you can’t fix what you did. This isn’t your first outrageous award show outburst either. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES YOU IDIOT! What you did in Europe when DANCE won over you was almost as bad as this. You did not deserve that award and honestly, until you learn to be mature about stuff, you really don’t deserve any type of recognition. You’re a pathetic excuse for a celebrity.

    Stop going to award shows. You just ruin every one you go to.

  51. Kanye got her more publicity than she could have ever gotten on her own I wish he would talk some ish about me it would make my year!

  52. this apology is even more evidence that Kanye just doesnt get it. Conrition does not sound like this. He is only sorry he got hated for it. You dont apologize by saying you were wrong then saying you were right.


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