I sat through this and scratched my head. Odd as it seems, I can see Kanye acting like this when he’s under the influence minus the gremlin giving him evil death stare at the end. I guess he’ll call this a genius creation that only artsy minds understand. *LowKey Shrug*

This started out as a video for “See You In My Knightmares” and deep down inside 90% of the viewers wished it remained that way. Enjoy

Sidebar: I wonder if Fonzworth Bentley ever strong armed anyone like that in a nightclub before? Things that make you go #GetTheFuckOuttaHere!

Props: Recording Live From Nowhere


Description via Amazon:

This is a rare partnership between two geniuses at the top of their crafts — Kanye West, who was named “the smartest man in hip-hop” by Time magazine, and Bill Plympton, an Academy Award-nominated animator, cartoonist, and illustrator.

Through the Wire is a graphic memoir that illustrates the lyrics of twelve Kanye West songs to tell his story, from his decision to drop out of college to pursue his dreams in music, through his days spent folding chinos at the Gap while struggling at night to make a name as a producer, through the pivotal car accident that eventually set him on the course to stardom and the epiphany of realizing exactly who he had become:

“…They say people in your life are like seasons
And anything that happens is for a reason…”

Plympton illustrates each of the songs in detail, his vision of Kanye’s world. The songs are annotated with explanations of the references in the songs, biographical components that illuminate the lyrics, and their meaning on a deeply personal level.

The result is a one-of-a-kind book that initially grabs you and stays with you forever.


Through The Wire will be available 11.10.09.

Props: NR x ICE

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