Eminem's Not Afraid Single To Premiere Friday

April 26, 2010 |  by  |  NEWS

Philly’s 96.1 KISS FM was the first to report Marshall’s first single, ‘Not Afraid‘ would be released to radio very early Friday morning.    A friend of mine who’s heard the track told me it’s  “dope” and without the accent that earned him so much criticism on Relapse.  Recovery is due in stores June 22nd.

Many people are wondering where we got the info since we were the first to post it, it came directly from the label: Eminem single ‘NOT AFRAID’ is shipping THIS Thursday overnight to arrive THIS Friday….play MPE will be Friday morning at 3 A.M. Adds 5/11!  There ya go…..



  1. mark my words this will be his best single since lose yourself and best album since the eminem show … jus look at forever , drop the world , and airplanes pt 2 those three verses are better than any verse by any wack ass rapper in this industry

  2. add Curtis’ “Psycho” and “The Warning (MC & NC diss)” to that list

  3. how could i forget the warning … dj who kid said that was only 2percent of the intensity em brings on this album

  4. In my head I can’t help but hear “I’m not afraidddd” like “say wide awakeeee.” Friday is gonna be sick.

  5. @ John F… im all for giving the man his credit being a big Em fan an all but were not going to get the eminem show Em back… it appears hes going in a COMPLETELY new direction by working with other artists as well as a-list producers. i hope Recovery will JUST BE Recovery and not be compared to his previous work. tho every feature i hear from him as of late gets better and better i just hope this album lives up to its expectations cuz BE REAL Relapse WAS NOT that dope…

  6. dont forget “the cypher” at bet music awards show, if you havent seen him, black thought, and mos def tear down the place check it out and let me know what you think!

  7. and plz dont forget bout “DESPICABLE” he murdered that

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