Christina Aguilera feat. Nicki Minaj – WooHoo (Produced By Polow Da Don)

May 8, 2010 |  by  |  MUSIC

We usually talk about the many voices of Nicki Minaj. I can’t begin to explain the voice she put on over this new Christina Aguilera cut off her forthcoming Bionic album. Someone explain this one to me, please. Thank you, MissInfo.

DOWNLOAD: Christina Aguilera feat. Nicki Minaj – WooHoo (Produced By Polow Da Don)

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  • wha

    Oh my this is hot.

  • marcelo.


  • Tommy

    This is HAWT. Christina + Hip Hop = Perfection.

    I absoloutly love this. Officially cannot wait for her new album.

  • Matheus C.

    Adorei o musica bem agitada ritmo aletrizante bem envouvido.
    Christina não poderia nos decepcionar e não esta.

    I Love Christina Aguilera

  • cah


  • Zeugirdor

    This Song Is Hot!!!!

    Bionic = Stripped 2.0


    This is hot lowkey.. Nicki is crossing over.. Mainstream here comes Nicki

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  • CB

    damn this is hot

  • PC

    A música já está viciante!! Esperar até um mês vai me deixar louco!



    THIS IS MY JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WhooHoo!


  • Cheeks

    Just in case you were wondering. It’s Christina rapping on most of the song. Nicki has that one verse.

  • mileyb

    this is crap!

  • Tina

    Oh, that’s not Nicki on the chorus. That’s Christina – she trully is versatile! Nicki only raps halfway through the song!

  • Nicky

    So Hooooooooooooott .. I Love Your Voice Chrstinaaaa , thank U 4 Come back!

  • Marquise Toomer

    yo I love this song people she back
    and so am i with this song lololololol

  • Janis Carthens

    I like Christina Aguilera 50′s, 60′s R&B style now. Back To Basics is a wonderful CD. Especially Disk one. For some reason I love that style of music and look

  • Gregory Koontz

    I love Christina Aguilera’s video music of You Lost Me. She is absolutely a very talented young woman of this time. I admire her a lot

  • Sand and gravel

    What a wonderful and a very lovely article!