NMC Day Premier: Plies- Bruh Bruh (Produced By Zaytoven)

May 11, 2010 |  by  |  MUSIC, NMC PREMIERE

NMC Day continues with some new Goon music from the top Goon himself. This one is called ” ” and derives from Algernod’s fourth studio project, Goon Affiliated which hits stores June 8th.. What you think, bruh bruh????

DOWNLOAD: Plies- Bruh Bruh (Produced By Zaytoven)


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  1. this really sucks bruh bruh

  2. Zatoven makes the same exact beat over and over.

  3. hey plies diz bri yo biggest fan most grls like u kuz u fine n stuff bt im really into yo music kuz u speak it real im krazy ova u eva tyme sum body say sum bout u im ready 2 fite idk mi mom even say im krazy ova u n i need 2 hurry up n met u… nd shout out 2 yo bruh im happy 4 hym dat he out!!! n i heard dat u dnw in miami in south beach 4 da summa im tryna find u bt if i dnt plz kum find me kuz i really want 2 met u n no bout yo childhood, yo life, nd bout yo i luv u plies n always will tel yo family n eva body i said hi.

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