I’ll probably get crucified for this somewhere down the line, but if I don’t say it someone else will.

During one of my brief “Where Are You Yeezy” Twitter rants earlier today, a fellow by the name of Charles Mangan on Twitter replied to me with the message you’re currently reading above.

Now if you’re confused as to what Loop Dreams is, crawl over HERE, catch yourself up to speed and come back here- I have some more information to spill! Directly after that message, I received another interesting tidbit of information via one of my AIM associates explaining Kanye’s creative direction on the alleged Good Ass Job opus which is now, according to HHU, slated for a September release. My AIM buddy revealed that the ambiance surrounding the project is very “Mobb Deep-esque”: gutter, dark and hood rhetoric for us all. It will also include a track called “Power.”

What “Power” sounds like, who it may feature or what type of flow Ye adopts is still unknown, but it’s extremely interesting that these bits of information came in within minutes of each other.

I have faith in these alleged Ye tidbits because I’m currently withholding a VITAL piece of Yeezy information that will send ALL of you Kanye advocates through the sky. Sorry, no hints. Just wait!

Will Ye perform “Power” at his Loop Dreams benefit concert on June 8th? Will we get the single before then? Will Kanye pop up before somewhere before the June 8th show?

Kanye’s got something brewing. Are you ready for it?

KWF S.H.O.W. 2010… Are you Ready?! from Kanye West Foundation on Vimeo.