Ok….so earlier this morning KC released an uber exclusive Andre 3000 cut titled “I Do” off a new mixtape titled Limelight Exclusives. What’s even more interesting about this is several months ago, a couple Jeezy snippets leaked in result of his email account being hacked. Three clips were played, one of which, the last one actually was titled “I Do.”

Fast forward to July 19th, Jeezy was holding his Ustream press conference for the new single “Jizzle.” One of the callers inquired about a collaboration with Three Stacks. Jeezy humbly kept mum about the possible collabo.

And here we are. August 9, 2010….an unknown leak from Andre 3000 titled “I Do” surfaces. Now I’m not confirming anything, just putting the pieces together for you to draw your own conclusion. However, I think it goes without saying what’s happening here. Thank Me Later?

Aye Dre, goood look on the engineer work!

DOWNLOAD: Andre 3000- I Do (Tags)

DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy- I Do (Snippet)

UPDATE: Shake comes throught with the NO Tags version.

DOWNLOAD: Andre 3000- I Do (No Tags)