R.Kelly On Being Happy With Current State Of R&B: "In Some Ways Yes And In Some Ways No"

August 6, 2010 |  by  |  NEWS, Q&A

XXL Magazine (Taiia Smart Young) caught up with Robert in their September “Street Issue” to discuss his creative process in today’s R&B realm which is being pretty much dominated by the youngins that used him for inspiration when they were coming up.  Kellz revealed that he’s working on THREE new albums (Epic, Love Letter & Zodiac) and detailed that the new material is basically him “remixing himself.”

In the excerpt below, Kelly, who is 43 (GOD DAMN) gives his take on the current state of R&B and how these young whooper snappers should focus on having fun and not be concerned with the next artist is or isn’t doing.

Make sure you pick up the September issue of XXL Magazine with Shyne and Jeezy separately gracing the new issue.

Are You Happy With The Current State Of R&B?

In some ways yes and in some ways no. The music is great. The talent is great. My suggestions to those guys is do your music, have fun and be happy with it. You don’t have to talk about another artist and get in their business and talk them down for you to come up….it will never work. It’s like putting perfume on spit.


  1. Amen. Preach Kellz! Certain artists who shall remain nameless are basically pulling the 50 cent card, tryin to make a name for themselves by using cheap publicity stunts like dissing other artists. This unnamed artist should focus on his own career instead of worrying about what the next man (who is a legend and has accomplished way more) is or isn’t doing. I disagree with Kellz about the current state of R&B. It sucks, I don’t even listen to the radio anymore. But other than that, Kellz is on point.

  2. yo nikki get off kells dick

  3. How bout you get off my shit and keep it movin. Peace bitch.

  4. @Nikki you are correct with what you said…YUUUP…LOL

  5. Oh yeah! i agree with R Kelly, i believe that respect goes a long to determining just how far you go in life and so to those young and very talented artist/musicians i think it’d be great if they respected those that paved the way for them. On the music though, i wish to differ with Kelly, whilst the talent is definately there, i find it not complemented by the quality of the music, yes they sell records but i find it hard to find RnB in what is sung by most of these young artist. Eagerly i await r kelly’s next album, if “when a woman loves” is anything to go by then i believe that his next offering will truly be special.

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