Giveaway!: EOS New York Mixtape Watch

September 10, 2010 |  by  |  BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT, GIVEAWAYS, NEWS

It’s giveaway time again at UHTN!  This week we’re giving away one (1) of these awesome mixtape watches from EOS New York they retail for $135.00 and just recently came back into stock after selling out completely in June.

About the watch:

Introducing the EOS Mixtape Watch. This watch features a anodized blue stainless steel case with “EOS NEW YORK” laser etched onto the base. On the sides of the case laser etched also is a robot and “60 MIN.” On the dial is two movable discs which look like the movement of a real cassette tape. On the right dial is where the hands are for the time. There are also orange markers present to indicate time. Genuine white leather strap.

I was really surprised at how nice this watch is. It comes in a custom watch box (the sign of a semi-decent watch) with a pillow for the watch to wrap on when not in use. I have a bunch of watches and I would put this at the same quality level of a Nixon or a Nooka. Kind of hard to tell the time, but really who cares? We all have cellphones.

Contest Rules:
Leave a comment on this post using an email address you can be reached at. Tell us why you deserve to win the watch and your favorite rap lyric involving timepieces. One (1) lucky winner will be picked at random on Tuesday, September 14th 2010  to win the watch (PRIZE). Winner will then be contacted via email for shipping details.

Notice: If we determine a winning participant attempted to increase their odds of winning by entering multiple times it is at our discretion to disqualify that person and award the PRIZE to another participant. Good luck!


  1. I deserve this because I’m the first post and I love this site, favorite lyric is by Notorious B.I.G. ‘girl you look fine like a windface Rolex’

  2. i deserve this watch cuz im 16 so i sorta missed the best hip hop era of music but i be doin research and s*** and be rockin that s*** 24/7 facorite line: Biggie Smalls “run from the police picture that, nigga im to fat, ill fuck around and catch an asthma attack,
    thats why i bust back, it dont fase me, when he drop, take his glock and im swayze,
    celebrate my escape sold the glock, bought some weight, lay back i got some money to make, motha fucka”-Runnin by tupac feat biggie smalls

  3. *note….the lyric should have something to do with watches…or at least a clock. Glock does not equal clock.

  4. I deserve this cuz I never owned a cool watch before, just some fake ones off your local flea market, and I come on this site multiple times a day to see whats new in the hip-hop world. Watch Lyric:
    “Pour the champagne, let your watch show
    Shorty got a man watch, wrist look colossal
    I admit my first watch was a Fossil
    Now I’m in the Louvre, lookin’ for fossils”—-Kanye West

  5. I deserve to win this watch beacause I’m one of the biggest followers of YHTN out here in germany…annotating im not german. Here in germany I would be dead without YHTN – it covers it all. Everything Im missin in germany is here on this site. Even if Im not the winner, I really wanna thank you guys (its the perfect time, because I know ya’ll read this) Ill, LowKey and Mel – dont forget Tom – THANKS for this great service.
    Even if ppl dont like Sherbert and his singing, one of my fav lines are from him.
    “”The clock that you’ve been watching has been stopping/
    he makes you wait…what kind of man does that to a girl he loves?/””
    Drake – On My Way
    I look forward to see more…

    PS: You could never get one of these watches here (that show ppl what you stand for, live for, die for…) for a price a normal university student could afford… not fair -.-

  6. I deserve to win this watch because I’ve been rockin with youheardthatnew since the beginning….

    Gun in his mouth, call that the “chat line”
    Bought my niggaz watches….that’s how we “pass time”
    – Camron

  7. i deserve this watch because I’m a fan of hip hop music and culture. I love it how hip hop continues to inspire fashion materpieces like this watch. I also visit the site everyday & direct my people here to get the latest music & news.
    Favorite lyric about timepieces “And the watches be all types and shapes of stones/Being broke is childish and I’m quite grown” – Jay-Z from Biggie’s “I Love the Dough”

  8. I deserve to win this watch because, hip hop was very influential to me while I grew up. One lyric that has always been close to me and meant a lot to me is:

    Tupac Shakur – “Broken Wings” and the verse that would involve time (and not necessarily a time piece) is “So take, these broken wings, I need your hands to come and heal me once again (Until the end of time)”

    These were some deep lyrics, and when this song was out, the death of Tupac was still fresh in the minds of everybody all over the world.

    I would love this watch!!

  9. I deserve it bc i cant afford it as a college student but would def wear it better than anyone else in these comments

    favorite watch lyric:
    “..and im ok, but my watch sick!” – Weezy

  10. i deserve the watch cause i am going to donate it to a charity of my choosing…… 30 yrs from now… *shrug* plus.. who else is going to quote Peter Gunz with a straight face? Uptown Baby… lmao

    “Niggas in the Bronx call me Lex cause I push a Lex, and I rock a Rolex and I lounge on Lex’, and I love sex.”

    P.S. For all you young bucks thats Corey Gunz pops lol..

  11. I deserve this because I’d love to see it on my man’s wrist
    Lupe Fiasco “Gold Watch”
    Got my gold watch
    And my gold chain
    With my fancy car
    And my diamond ring
    With my fancy broad
    And she full grain
    So it’s no words
    And it’s no slang
    And I’m no trick
    And I’m no lame
    It’s just so sick
    That she’s so game
    It’s just yea, yea she loves it over here

  12. I deserve this watch cause I am not a fan of wearing watches, the only thing I happen to wear is a rosary. But with this watch I will wear it everyday and finally have a watch worth wearing. because this EOS watch is simply amazing using the whole hip hop and music in general as its theme. the watch is sick! Thanks for this chance YHTN, keeping doing YOU.

    “Pulled himself up out of his own grave and looked at the time
    On the watch that had stopped six months after the shots
    That had got him in the box wringing Henny out his socks”
    -Lupe Fiasco “The Cool”

  13. I deserve to win this watch cause i believe i would be able to use it well then others and i wont be late to work no more :)
    “They heard about the Rolex’s and the Lexus
    with the Texas license plates outta state
    They heard about the pounds you got down in Georgetown
    And they heard you got half of Virginia locked down
    They even heard about the crib you bought your moms out in Florida
    The fifth corridor —
    — call the coroner!
    There’s gonna be a lot of slow singin, and flower bringin
    if my burgular alarm starts ringin” Notorious B.I.G – Warning

  14. I deserve this watch cause it looks pretty badass and i got a classic kanye line
    “Im soo selfconcious..thass why you always see me with atleast one of my watches” -kanye West

  15. I deserve to win cuz I been going on this site daily for the last 3-4 years
    “It’s pain in music,
    but this year
    wrist wear remains the bluest” – Cam’Ron “I Really Mean It”

  16. Im soo selfconcious..thass why you always see me with atleast one of my watches ;; rollies && pashas done drove me crazy icant even pronounce nutn PASS THAT VERSACE! -kanye West All Falls Down

  17. I deserve to win this watch! I’m a college student and this watch will help me get to class on time! Ha Ha just kidding. I’ve fallen in love with this watch though. We all know money doesn’t come light for college students.

    Ease to the top and I’m not finna leave til I’m hot,
    But my watch gotta breeze, a south nigga,
    Boy, I’m shining without the diamonds in my mouth,
    Out grindin while you reclining on your couch
    J.Cole – Dead Presidents

  18. My G-shock was stolen last week would be nice to win something after that. This watch is nice. “Looking at my Gucci it’s about that time “. Beastie boys
    Classic old school lines should go with a old school inspired watch.

  19. I deserve to win this watch because I don’t have a watch and this one is HOT! I really need a watch to ensure that I’m on time more often. And I’m such a huge fan of music that it only makes sense I would rock a mixtape watch.

    My favorite “watch” line is a bit indirect but it goes “And now we murderers because we kill TIME, I knock her lights out and she still SHINE, I hate to see her go but I love to WATCH her leave, but I keep her RUNNING back and forth…soccer team.” ~Lil Wayne-BedRock

  20. hi! i would absolutely love this watch, and i suppose i would be deserving because i am a huge wristwatch fan, and if i wasn’t a broke college student, i would have so many! i’m also a huge fan of EOS design, especially this particular watch!
    here are my favorite lyrics pertaining to wrist watches, by none other than Drake:
    “My congregation bombed the nation with this hip hop
    We in the race to fame, blowin’ pass the pit stop
    I heard the prize was some chicks and a wrist watch
    And all you gotta do is go to jail or get shot”

  21. I deserve the watch because I been on UHTN since it was lowkey by himself talkin sh*t and complainin about his hotel job lol. Plus i’ve been rockin with him since the radio show on howard’s campus.

    Seein as its a mixtape watch…i’ll take from 50’s mixtape era..
    My watch sayin “Hi shorty we can be friends”
    My whip sayin “Quit playin b*tch get in”
    Im into bigger things yall niggas know my style

  22. I think that I really deserve the watch because I have never had a cool watch before. My last watch was a gift from a friend but it died a couple weeks ago so now and I am broke university student so I can not afford to buy a new one. And since it summer just ended I was left with a tan line of where my watch was during summer, and so I am definitely in need some sick ice to cover my wrist. Favourite rap lyric about timepieces comes from Lil Wayne Feat. T-Pain, Got Money. “So rolex watch this I do it 4 5 6 my click, clack goes the black hoe pimp, and just like it I blow that sh*t, cause b*tch I’m the bomb like TICK TICK!”

  23. i deserve this watch i be lookin heela fly and fresh errday and i be bumpin ol skool hip hop nd the best era of hip hop i missed it cuz im 16 but i be doin research nd shit just to be bumpin ol skool im not down wit this the new school new boyz shit haha. on to the next one “Traded in the gold for the platinum Rolexs
    Now a nigga wrist match the status of my records” jay-z or diamonds feat young jeezy” Square face watch look like Sponge Bob on the wrist…..But this Tiger stripe watch, make you bitch a Bangles’ fan”

  24. Like most things related to fashion, a watch is an item of self-expression. But more than that it’s a symbol of status. What you’re all about. Where you are in life. I think i deserve this watch because I can relate to it. A unique yet classic look. True to yourself and being different. Stuff that I value.

    “We livin’ in that 31st century, futuristic fly shit. The penthouse is the projects and everybody flies private. New watches, you know what time it is, watch us. You see us. They can’t stop us, prophets, beotches.”
    -Jay-z “Power (Remix)”

  25. I deserve this watch because it’ll be fresh for back to school gear plus I don’t have one.


    Time will tell, Rolex watches
    We show stoppas, hoes just watching

  26. Why do I deserve this watch? Because I check this site daily, and I need a new time-piece to get to these lectures on time. Ha!

    Plus I could really use something to show people I’m a genuine Hip-Hop Head. What better than a Mixtape watch?

    I feel caged in my mind, its like my flow doin time,
    I go crazy inside, but when it comes out its fine, like wine,
    see I get better with time like a watch.
    -Lil’ Wayne – Playin’ With Fire.

    Sidebar: Not a massive Weezy fan, but one of my favourite Wayne quotes in general.

  27. I deserve this watch because I love hip-hop and hip-hop attire. This watch IS hip hop. It’s new but points back to where it came from. A nod to the beginning. A fly watch is essential to a great outfit, but I’m a poor college kid so fly watches tend to not be in my budget. If I win the watch I’d let my entire campus know where I got it. I’d plug this site more than my own.

    “Some say greatness gets better with time
    So I bought a zillion watches but dont watch mine.”
    Best Thing Yet – Lil Wayne

  28. i need this watch because i’m a dj and “mixtapes” are what i do! its part of the history and culture of djing. what would music be without mixtapes?? what would a dj be if he/she didn’t make them??

    “the watch face so blue like its holding its breath” – jay-z

  29. I deserve this watch because I always visit this site lol and it represents music and hip-hop before the digital age. It classic and vintage! And it’s just a dope watch!

    “And I get money dog don’t let me forget/the watch stays so blue like it holding it’s breathe.”-Jay-Z

  30. I deserve this watch because the only watch that I’ve owned snapped into two three days ago, and I really like this watch.
    “…where the true playas at?, throw ya rollies in the sky, wave em side to side and keep your hands high, while I give your girl the eye…” – Notorious B.I.G

  31. This is an contest. I collect watches. The last joint I got was a gift from CT’s Dj Genius (RIP) @ a FLUD watches party he was spinning at. This piece looks incredible and it’s something I’d rock with real hip hop pride.

    My favorite Watch based lyrics are off the Bullet Proof Wallets album…the “Ice” Interlude…

    Everytime we attend somewhere, you act real terribly
    You shit on niggaz too much you start to worry me
    You switch up, last week you burned a old lady’s retina
    I thought them thick Coke bottle jammies might protect her
    But it didn’t Pah, the lady’s blind and it’s all your fault
    It went down to jury court and you walked
    On stage you fuck with nigga’s faces, glaciers

  32. MY husband deserves this awesome watch because his birthday is coming up and he works super hard. He is a musician and he is always traveling and never gets to be home,he doesn’t make hardly any money so he also teaches music to kids at a museum.He teaches private lessons,he just works hard
    The only lyrics I am a ware of is a Drake song with the lyrics
    we in a race for fame,blowin past the pit stops,
    I heard the prize was some chicks and a wrist watch.


    If I win this watch I’d give it to whichever commenter I thought had the most thought out “watch punch line” because knowledge of great art deserves to be rewarded!!

    “…This here is a one to one, that means none before it and none to come”
    “I Show You How To Do This Son”

  34. I deserve this watch because the only f-ing watch i have is a damn old school first edition G-shock. This particular watch is a one of one, which means none before and a none to come. Jigga Man. Shit being that i live in West Virginia i could say that and get away with that with this beautifully crafted watch. Let your little hommie from WV shine. On a side note my bday is on the 27th of September………..

  35. i dont deserve this watch,i want it!!!this watch is original but diffrent in its own special way,so why not give to an original/diffrent person? the lyric is from big sean ffvol2 “say you will”
    {people asking me how it happened and i tell them i rolexed the situation and just had perfect timing}
    i would love to have this watch because i dont have the funds 2 buy 1 4 my self so there you go!!!

  36. Bobby Cornwell

    I don’t feel like I deserve this watch. But thank you guys for the opportunity to even be able to enter. It would be awesome to win this because I’m a 17 year old from D.C. and I don’t really get things too often so I would love to be able to win this watch.

    My favorite lyrics about time pieces come from Tupac’s “All Bout U”.

    “You couldn’t hold me back, it’d take a fatter track
    A lyrical attack, perhaps, it was a visual bluff
    When I started to snaps all your rode ‘em swoll
    Straight in control, flows’ll fold, while hoes cold stroll
    Hold the set, I told Dramacy’ go in next
    Golddiggin, cold diggin a gold Rolex”


  37. In correspondence to why I should receive the honor of taking home the one-of-a-kind Mixtape Watch courtesy of EOS New York; it all dates back to the my early-childhood like 9th wonder I would constantly be mixing on my a-track, mostly through underground radiowaves and mixing up what today is considered classics (most notably – 88.1FM). I have to admit sporting this watch would instantly spark that good ole’ memory and bring forth a chuckle from yours truly. Tell the 90’s i miss her

    “Wanna know the time? Better clock us
    Ni**s bite the style from the shoes to the watches
    We cloud hoppers, tailor suits like we mobstas
    Break down keys into dimes and sell ‘em like gobstoppers.” – The Clipse

    euuugh @ the 1st post whom took
    “Girl you look fine, like a windface rolex you just shine, I like that waistline”


  38. @crumbs you mean Peter Gunz

  39. I deserve the watch cause my birthday is coming up (september 21) and I have been a daily visitor of this site since it started. I would rock this watch with pride and spread love about the site when people ask me about it.

    My favorite watch line comes from jay:
    And who knew dude who loved apple pies from McDonald’s
    Would soon be the boss of the Big Apple, ya know
    And who knew dude would play ball for the NBA
    Would make a mistake on the who know it stayed still in the way
    Who knew that would be his last shot, who drew up that play
    They giveth and they taketh life is cruel that way
    But even a broken clock is right at least two times a day
    You could have turned Guns into Roses like two times today

  40. I’m a young student off at boarding school where the schedule tends to get hetic, and I need to be able to keep track of time with a watch due to a lack of usage of cell phones while on campus. It would really help me out and mean a lot to me.

    Favorite Rap lyrics involving a watch:
    “That’s cuz I’m in Europe, me and my friends tour a
    Im on my pimp, my temperature is temperer
    I take it easy on my watch Im watchin TV
    Am I clean as my her-re-shy’s, see the hare is trying to beat me
    I continue to do Lu’s pace
    They say him got two heads and four eyes just like screwface
    But see my secret’s safe its in my secret safe
    That’s in my secret room on my secret base”
    – Lupe Fiasco:I Gotcha

    If that don’t count then

    “Freakin’ these hoes in polo clothes life as you conceived it/But your conception, deception, lookin’ into your watch I see/You’re weapon and it’s depressin’, they’re diggin’ up in their thighs”
    -Outkast: Jazzy Belle

  41. chris terwilliger

    this watch is nothing like i have ever seen before, making it very appealing to me. my favorite Quote would have to be kid cudi- pursuit of happieness “I’m On The Pursuit Of Happiness And I Know Everything That Shines Ain’t Always Gonna Be Gold, I’ll Be Fine Once I Get It; I’ll Be Good” this quote speaks to me because it makes you realize that you have to live for people and take chances in life. I need the watch to make sure i pursue happieness before time runs out : )

  42. I don’t deserve the watch… I just think it’s super dope.

    “If I die today bury me in a dope ass watch!”- Rick Ross

  43. Lisa Rodenberry

    I deserve to win this totally awesome watch because I was the “mix tape queen” when I was younger. I had so many of them! This watch is cooler than anything I’ve seen in a long time.
    The first lyrics that come to mind are from The Grandfather Clock by Aceyalone:

    And my grandfather clock was staring right down my throat
    And he leaned a little bit closer and he told and I quote:
    “if you ever race against me, you will surely come up short,”
    He said, “I’m better than your timex, your rolex or your swatch
    Your fossil, casio, quartz, your diamond studded watch,”

  44. Thanks for giving this away!

  45. Love the prize … that’s the neatest thing I;ve seen in a while.

  46. I deserve the watch because I’d rock it well. I don’t have any watches and this would be a great one to get. It’s so unique and I’ve never seen anything like it. I’d show it off to everyone and their grandmamas. :D

    Favorite Line:
    If i dont do nuthin imma ball
    im countin all day like the clock on the wall
    now go and get cha money little duffle bag boy

  47. Hello,
    I am 13 years old and a drummer and I would like this watch.
    I would like to have this watch because I am a lover of the 70s.
    I have platform shoes and bell-bottom pants.
    I have always wanted this watch but I have never been able to afford it.
    If you would like to see me on youtube, go to

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