Mickey Factz Talks Leaving Law School
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Some of you might know this, but I’m sure most of you do, Mickey Factz dropped out of Law School back in 2007 to pursue his career in hip-hop. And while his mother thought it was probably the dumbest thing he could’ve done, Mickey on the other hand knew it was time to get the ball rolling on other ideas churning in his brain.

Yesterday I took a trip up to Jive Records to speak with Mickey about a couple things that included his new deal with Battery Records, his relationship with Drake, the true meaning behind his “I’m Better Than You” mixtape which drops next week, obtaining his SAG card and his debut album The Achievement and why he’s always saying “Truthfully” on Twitter.

In the clip above, Mickey discusses whether or not leaving Law School was the best idea for him. Check back with YouHeardThatNew.com for more clips from my discussion with Mickey Factz. Shouts to Brandi Hunter!