Nicki Minaj's Rolling Stone Article

November 26, 2010 |  by  |  MAGAZINES

Rolling Stone proclaims Nicki Minaj as the “new queen of hip-hop” in the December 9 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. Full scans of the entire article after the jump.

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  1. No, no way. Rolling Stone is wrong, wrong. The title comes from the streets or a Hip-Hop King/Queen not a magazine that is not a Hip-Hop magazine.

    Also, Her Lyrics have no social-political content. Her content is Barbie style. Barbie is plastic not real. She has no weight for people that like political songs.

    MC Lyte, Lauren Hill are queens that earned their titles from the streets, boards rooms, and hard core types. They appeal to a wide range of listeners. Not just Barbie.


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