For the March/April issue Sean Malcolm and King Magazine sit down with Nicki Minaj where the platinum selling rapper opens up about becoming a sexy symbol, which she deems weird, how putting out her debut album has been a grueling process opening doors for up and coming female artists and replicating Lil Kim’ Harcore album cover, something that she thinks wasn’t needed.

Minaj told Malcom of recreating the cover, “It was too soon for that. Not even too soon- it was unnecessary.” Minaj also opened up about the day she finally declared herself a rapper even though her peers thought it would be an unusual move for the LaGuardia High School of Music & Art & Performing Arts Student. “I wanted to do what the boys were doing,” Nicki recalled. “I always wanted to compete with the boys and I walked into the booth one day and said, ‘I’m a rapper,’ and everyone was looking at me like I had five heads.”

Minaj wrapped things up by showing appreciation for those that paved her way to become a successful female rapper in such a male dominated industry, but also took specific notes from the same individuals on what not to do. “I’m a businesswoman,” she proclaimed. “I don’t go onto the block and open up a Burger King if there’s a Burger King right next door. And you know, I won’t open a Burger King if I know the last one failed miserably on that block. I’ve done my research, I’ve paid attention, and now I’m ready for the game.”

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