While partying the night away at Club Marquee in Las Vegas, Jay-Z, Kanye West & Rihanna took to the DJ booth to perform a couple hit tunes of theirs. But what’s MORE interesting is the fact that Ye announced the arrival of his joint project Watch The Throne with Big Brotha Hov will be landing in about seven days.

While that’s a Ye & Jay advocate’s wet dream, I’m thinking that might have been the Ace of Spades and the happy spirit of NYE speaking for Mr. West, even though Jay let out a huge smile and chuckle after Ye’ proclamation. Not to long ago I was informed that Ye and Jay were releasing a composition by the name of H.A.M. produced by Lexus Luger on January 1 but obviously that date has come and gone.

While I wouldn’t mind seeing Watch The Throne magically become a priority within the next seven days, a project of that stature should be presented on a more calculated scale. Now if Def Jam/Roc Nation and whatever powers that be have this HUGE promo run they’re set to embark on starting tomorrow morning, fuck it…let ‘er fly. BUT, if that’s not the case, please don’t tarnish what seems like a passion project under the span of seven days lol. I might cry. Like REALLY cry!

How about this Jay and Ye: Release “H.A.M.” in the AM, start a seven day promo run visiting every radio station, late night platform and even do some club dates. Sort of what Jay did during that Hangar Tour back when he dropped Kingdom Come in November of 2006. I wouldn’t mind seeing that unfold again.

What do you guys think? Will be listening to Watch The Throne this time next week? Are you ready for it? TALK TO ME!