The assembling of Slaughterhouse over at Shady Records will probably be one of the most celebrated events of 2010. And with XXL snatching the groups first cover look, the boys sat down with V.Satten to talk linking with Slim Shady himself, what this deal means for hip-hop and what’s to come from the four lyricists.

In addition, Slaughterhouse, along with Yelawolf also spoke on the perception of battle rapping and how the word “beef” is confused with battling in the hip-hop arena. Read what Slaughterhouse ringleader, Royce Da 5’9 had to say about the issue, below.

The battle edge, you gotta understand that a lot of people wanna take it directly to the streets. So its like, you got different corporations; they hate each other. You got Bill Gates, and he might hate the CEO of Oracle. But they just do a friendly competition thing. Whereas in hip-hop, it’s so close to the streets that, once somebody has a battle with somebody, it can spill over into the streets and create problems. I think that’s that what the problem is. I mean, back in the day, you didn’t like a dude, you said “Boom, that’s a sucker MC.” Now they got the phrase “hater,” and they, like, “He’s a hater: he’s hatin.” And I think that kills some of the competition, because some of the best records are born in beefs. “Hit Em Up,” “Who Shot Ya?”, “No Vaseline.” So I think that we, as hip-hop, gotta find a way to get that competitive spirit back without always going straight to the streets and trying to get crews on shoot-outs and shit.

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