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April 21, 2011 |  by  |  CONTESTS

Totally random giveaway alert. Leave a comment with your favorite synonym for money (cash, skrilla, etc). We’ll pick one winner at random to win a gift card to Vapianos. Use your real email, as that’s how we’re going to notify the winner.

Winner will be picked at Noon 4/21 EST



  1. Duckies

  2. breadski

  3. Greenlights

  4. Cheeseeeee

    • There’s a load of great stuff going on elsewhere. A Minnesota cosseegnmrn, Jim Oberstar who spearheaded the original federally-funded rails-to-trails program has just gotten a major highway funds allocation for bike lanes, paths and trails. Let’s hope Wichita gets its fair share and uses it intelligently to make bike commuting and better recreational riding happen. (He and other like-minded Minnesotans have made Minnesota the top-rated cycling-friendly state.)One of the really interesting things is his and others’ observations on kids’ biking, as in riding to school most days. It’s been noted that in the old days when kids rode bikes and walked to school, rather than being driven and bused, obesity was rare, but now 30% of kids are obese.This means if Wichita will build a rideable street system, and mount a concerted share the road campaign, all of us from kids to adults can enjoy better health.

  5. ecstasy

  6. Gouda. (shout out to E40)

  7. Racks on Racks on Racks on Racks on Racks

  8. Cheese

  9. simoliansss

  10. Green piece of paper

  11. Green Lizards; sticks;

  12. Whole Wheat

  13. Simoleons!!!

  14. readies

  15. vitamins

  16. VApianos!!!!!!11 Woot woot

  17. Para !

  18. That chicken…

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