This just in: the Watch The Throne tracklisting floating around this morning via DOTR is in fact real. The highly anticipated joint project between Ye and Jay, which was said to see the light of day around March looks like it’s getting the finishing touches because a source EXTREMELY close to the project just confirmed with me these song titles are legit, however more songs are said to be added.

The duo have been extremely quiet in regards to the project and music in general, but popping up together in certain spots over the past couple months and weeks. More recently in SoHo with VP of A&R at Def Jam, Bu Thiam (Akon’s brother). With this tracklist now confirmed, a July release date for the project seems a bit more feasible. Producers however, have yet to be confirmed for the effort. Well they have, I just can’t reveal lol. See the tracklist, below.

1. Lift Off (Feat. Beyonce & Bruno Mars)
2. Murder To Excellence
3. Illest Mother Alive
4. Why I Love You So (Guilt Trip)
5. That Shit Crazy
6. Living So Italian
7. Who Gonna Stop Me
8. Whole Lifetime
9. We Are Young
10. Anthem

Thoughts on the tracklist?