Lil Wayne On ‘C4′ Beat Submissions: “Ya’ll N*ggas’ Beats Is Terrible!”

July 7, 2011 |  by  |  INTERVIEWS

The July/August issue of XXL has landed in my poessesion (thx bootleg newsstand in Manhattan) and Wayne is the center of attention this month. We first got a peek of the cover story several weeks back where Wayne toyed with the notion of retiring (he later goes deeper into the statement and why), spoke on Sherbert’s success and working with Justin Bieber. Now, we have Dwayne sending a stern wake up call to the producers submitting tracks for his forthcoming project Tha Carter IV. Read what The Martian said, below

XXL: Well, it’s not to late (referring to Justin Timberlake getting on C4)

Lil Wayne: No, it ain’t. I just don’t have the record. These niggas’ beats been sucking. I’m putting it out there: you producing, what ya’ll doing? Get right, man. Step it up. This is coming from a rapper. One of the best rappers. I ain’t saying I’m the best no more, because these niggas is too good these days. I got old. But damn, y’all niggas’ beats is terrible! [Chad Ochocinco walks into the room] These niggas’ beats sound like Ochocino made them.

The July/August issue of XXL Magazine hits newsstands officially July 12.



  1. i feel that. niggaz is too busy making them “lex luger beats ” n shit….it sounds the same..they gotta bring something new to the tabel!

    • wayne rappin on the rip off lex luger beats though….he needs to pay producers though I wouldnt sent my best if I new id see 0 dollars from it

  2. Grilled up like Ocho … LMFAO. Weezy you’re a clown, stop fucking with 15-20 year olds and get back to the real beatmakers. You may stumble on some dope shit.


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