Video: The Second Coming Of Wale

November 23, 2011 |  by  |  VIDEOS, VLOG

Wale is back for the first time. Everyone loves a do over. I would call Wale’s recent success a complete do over because the man DID in fact build a fan base with his debut project, but had THIS go round been his FIRST go round, there’s not telling what his second LP would sound like. The JOTV Lounge Crew discuss Wale’s success and how Rozay’s potent ear has helped him garner even MORE attention from the masses. Ambition is in stores, NOW!

And remember, Yours Truly is hosting Wale’s concert at Revolution Live on December 1st in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with special guest Meek Mill, Pusha T and Black Cobain. Florida resident and UHTN reader? Click here for details on how to win tickets to the show!


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  1. I think Ross had a major impact, but more importantly, they know who his potential audience is, and catered to it. Unlike interscope who tried to force feed him to an audience that wasnt fit for him.

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