Video: DJ Khaled – Kiss The Ring (Intro)

December 9, 2011 |  by  |  VIDEOS

Yerp, you guessed it. The worlds favorite shouting DJ is going to be releasing a new album titled “Kiss The Ring” next year. He chucks together some footage and rolls it up into a little promo clip. No doubt it will feature the usual suspects. More to follow.

Respect: Dazed One


  • A

    This is classic DJ Khaled, announce your album, say it will be the greatest ever made, take a few videos showing the process of it being made, announce again that it is going to be a movie and will take shit to the streets. Then drop a SUB-PAR album with like 3-4 listenable tracks. 1 track will be big and then he will make a mega remix with Birdman et al. Nothing new here. I’m out.

  • John

    I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, this new album isn’t going to be the usual (feat. everyone and their mother) approach that Khaled usually does. He actually spit a few bars on the “Welcome to My Hood” Remix, and they weren’t half bad. Perhaps Kiss the Ring will be his first foray into original music.