Video: DJ Khaled – Kiss The Ring (Intro)

December 9, 2011 |  by  |  VIDEOS

Yerp, you guessed it. The worlds favorite shouting DJ is going to be releasing a new album titled “Kiss The Ring” next year. He chucks together some footage and rolls it up into a little promo clip. No doubt it will feature the usual suspects. More to follow.

Respect: Dazed One



  1. This is classic DJ Khaled, announce your album, say it will be the greatest ever made, take a few videos showing the process of it being made, announce again that it is going to be a movie and will take shit to the streets. Then drop a SUB-PAR album with like 3-4 listenable tracks. 1 track will be big and then he will make a mega remix with Birdman et al. Nothing new here. I’m out.

  2. I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, this new album isn’t going to be the usual (feat. everyone and their mother) approach that Khaled usually does. He actually spit a few bars on the “Welcome to My Hood” Remix, and they weren’t half bad. Perhaps Kiss the Ring will be his first foray into original music.

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