YHTN: New Years Beat Battle Finals

December 30, 2011 |  by  |  CONTESTS, LET THE BEAT BUILD

Clearly we should do this more often. We had almost 100 submissions, which equates to me having to listen to almost 200 beats. It was great fun, and there are some super talented producers out there. Just to be transparent the key things I was looking for besides “hotness”:

  1. Did it sound real? There is a sound that feels right, like someone could actually hop on this and make something that didn’t sound like someone just exported an 8 bar Fruityloops loop. This has a lot to do with drums that actually fit the track, and synths and samples being properly tempo synced.
  2. Is it rap/singable? Basically could someone make a song from this. Are the bars formatted in a way that makes sense?
    example: intro/chorus/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/halfverse/chorus/chorus/outro
  3. Can a vocal actually sit in this somewhere?
  4. Is the mix decent? A lot of producers can’t mix. Learn to mix. People want to hear the fullness of your records.
Voting closes 12:01 AM on Monday, Jan 2nd. The winner will be posted at Noon EST on Monday.
To vote leave a comment on this post in this format:
1. Your first Place beat use the beat name (3pts)
2. Your second place beat use the beat name (2pts)
3. Your third place beat use the beat name (1pt)
<You can put all your opinions, rants and praise here. Do not post a link to your own stuff or your vote will be DQ’d>


Here we go! Good luck everyone, and nice work. – Tom


Lamarcus Long (Mista Marcus)
website: www.mistamarcus.com
twitter: @mistamarcuscom
Beat: Only If U Knew Better


Kiara Mudd (Vitamin K)
website: www.reverbnation.com/vitamink
twitter: @imvitamink
Beat: After All


Stu Enscoe
Website: www.pmpworldwide.com/The-Common-Wealth
Twitter: @StuMakesBeats
Beat: Staybach Music


Mario Dhanpath (mD) & Steven Woodburn (B. Nyce)
website: www.clpnation.com
twitter: @clpnation
Beat: HoFaSho


Mahdi Awwad
website: none
twitter: none
email: mahdiAwwad@gmail.com
beat: Meinierre’s Conditioning




  1. 1. Meinierre’s Conditioning
    2. Staybach Music
    3. After All

    • #1 Staybach Music ( Loving the Piano with the with the combinations of vocal hymns, The drum kick snare pattern has such a flow that dropping some lyrics over this will becomes easy as 123)

      #2 Meinierres Cond. (quite the intro, definitely a very “transy” beat. I can forsee alot of soul coming from this song)

      #3 HOfoSho (Hard hitting, great use of samples, great overall song. Would have been my number one choice except for alot of its instruments are lacking quality to them, but in conjuction with one another, you can hear how fierce the beat can be.)

    • 1. hofasho

    • #1 HoFaSho – BY FAR the best beat here. It is the most Club/Radio/Cd beat ready track.
      #2Staybach Music – sounds like every other Wanna be Toni Braxton Song
      #3 Meinierre’s Conditioning also sounds like Kenny G got drunk a bored. A little to generic.

  2. 1) HoFaSho
    2) Only If U Knew Better
    3) Meinierre’s Conditioning

  3. 1. After All
    2. Staybach Music
    3. Only If U Knew Better

  4. 1. Staybach Music

  5. 1. Meinierre’s Conditioning
    2. After All
    3. Only If U Knew Better

    I think those could be hits yo!

  6. 1. After All
    2. HoFaSho
    3. Staybach Music

  7. 1.Only if you knew better

    2.Meinierre’s Conditioning

    I missed the submission but I’m good on the next battle.

  8. 1 – Stu Enscoe -Staybach Music
    2 – Mahdi Awwad – Meinierre’s Conditioning
    3 – Lamarcus Long – Only If U Knew Better

    Staybach music is hot! You can easily rap on this one!

  9. !. after all
    2. Only If U Knew Better
    3. HoFaSho

  10. 1. – HoFaSho
    2. – Staybach Music
    3. – After All

  11. After all is the shit!!!!!! Point blank period

  12. 1. Stu Enscoe- Staybach Music

    2. Meinierre’s Conditioning


  13. 1) HoFaSho

    DAMN!!! That shit cray!

  14. im not bias.. and i dont know none of the producers here but Stu Enscoe’s “Staybach Music” (which is a dumbass title) took this battle by a landslide! Next battle me n my bro will smash everyone, im just not doing a video of us producing anything…

  15. Yo, You ain’t no Rick Ross. These beats are awful. No disrespect to the producers.

  16. @Spazticbreeze


    Dass it

  17. 1. HoFaSho

    2. Meinierre’s Conditioning

    3. Staybach Music

  18. 1 Ho FO Sho

  19. 1.After All
    3.Meinierre’s Conditioning

  20. 1)HoFaSho

  21. 1.After All

  22. 1. HoFaSho

    2. Staybach Music

    3. Meinierre’s Conditioning

  23. 1. HoFaSho

    That beat crazy

  24. 1) Staybach Music

    2) After All

    3) HoFaSho

  25. 1. Staybach Music

  26. 1: -HoFaSho! that bridge is insane…the drums n the sample (james browns “war” I think) is all fitting sonicly. Dope Shit!
    2: -Meinierre’s Conditioning….that boom bap drum n kicks n hi-hats bring me back to like ’95, dope shit too
    3: -After All…by default, it was the last one I can actually picture being a song. not bad tho…jus feel like Ive heard it before

  27. 1.HoFaSho

    2. Staybach Music

    3. Meinierre’s Conditioning

  28. We were robbed lmao… We’ll be up here next time tho, right Tom!?

    Til next time tho nod to these: http://hulkshare.com/r9u0cnwzp57w

    1. Staybach Music

    2. HoFaSho

    3. Meinierre’s Conditioning

    • You should have sent that do it beat. – Tom

      • Yea.. Hind site is a bow-legged bitch, ain’t it.. I got two more in mind for next time tho.. I’ll take this as an UHTN Honorable Mention. Good look!

        – @Sabataj

      • Hey Tom,
        Can you clarify whether or not the votes are being submitted correctly? For instances, if someone only votes for ONE person – will that count?

        Thank you! Amber

        • If you only vote for one person it will only be 1 pt. As it breaks the rules, and allows for people who simply have a larger following to get their friends to vote and overwhelm the system. Having to choose 3 normalizes it a bit.

  29. 1. Staybach Music

  30. 1.HoFaSho

    2. Staybach Music

    3. Meinierre’s Conditioning

  31. 1.Only If U Knew Better
    2.After All
    3.Meinierre’s Conditioning

  32. 1.hofasho
    2.staybach music
    3. after all

  33. 1.) Meinierre’s Conditioning
    2.) After All
    3.) Only If U Knew Better

    A.) “Meinierre’s Conditioning” would be perfect for Rick Ross. He could do wonder’s with it. B.) “After All” would be a good fit for Wale w/ maybe a Roscoe Dash feature. C.) “Only If U Knew Better” would be crazy for Maino to take you through his life story.

  34. 1. After All
    3.Only if I Knew Better

    The top 2 outclass anything else up there

  35. 1.HoFaSho
    2. Staybach Music
    3.Only if I Knew Better

  36. 1.Stu Enscoe; Staybach Music ( Piano and strings? Man, this is it! And any 808 that bangs..is good in my book ) (:
    2.Vitamin K; After All ( Respect to her first and foremost. It’s rare that you’ll find a female producer. Love the beat. Definitely think it has the potential, including the whole “mainstream” idea.
    3.Mahdi Awwad; Meinierre’s Conditioning ( I think it has a fun feel to it. It’s different, but it’ll work.

  37. 1. HoFaSho- (Beat is very catchy and unique in a way. Definitely sounds fresh!!) All the producers did a good job tho, keep doing y’all thing! Peace!!

  38. 1.) HoFaSho By Mario Dhanpath (mD) & Steven Woodburn (B. Nyce: I love this because it shows so much creativity but sounds classic. Far in front of the other submissions. The track is full but not cluttered. You can hear different instruments in it. Love it!

    2.) Staybach Music: Nice can see a smooth flow from this, but it seems its lacking something. maybe a harder 808. but nice, piano sounds great.

    3.) Meinierre’s Conditioning: I really think its a tie for 2nd. I love the snares. the 90’s vibe I get from it and the sample of Indian or arbic song in the background. Nice but basic without a bridge. One trick pony type of beat

  39. Mudd- After All

  40. 1) HOFASHO

    3:10 seconds in, the beat changes up…. gets RIDICULOUS! EFFING GENIUS!

  41. idk if we’re allowed to do this, but I only really wanted to vote for one…

    1. Meinierre’s Conditioning
    2. Meinierre’s Conditioning
    3. Meinierre’s Conditioning

    a beat doesn’t have to use older drums for me to like it, but I’ve heard tooooooooooo many beats with these modern 808 kit drums and I’m mentally exhausted from hearing them… so it takes a shit load for me to really be a fan of that style… doesn’t mean the other guys were wack, I just liked this beat a lot more…

  42. Mz. E Bezt Rapper

    1.) HoFaSho

  43. 1.After All
    2.Only if u Knew Better
    3. Staybach Music

  44. 1) Staybach Music
    2) After All
    3) Meinierre’s Conditioning

  45. HOFASHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Hofasho!

  47. 1. Staybach Music
    2. HoFaSho
    3. After All

  48. out of all, def hofasho!that beat rides!

  49. 1. Hofasho
    2. Staybach Music
    3. Meinierre’s Conditioning

  50. 1. HOFASHO – Beat is dope, excellent use of “War” and is no question far and away better than the rest. Excellent integration of sample, drums
    2. Meinerre’s Conditioning – Impossible name to remember or spell, but beat is alright. Can’t really rap to, but very chill
    3. Only if U Knew Better – Only because I like the movie Heat…

  51. 1. HOFASHO rocks. Head and shoulders above the rest. Don’t need to vote 2nd and 3rd!

  52. Ho Fa Sho!! happy new year 2012!! love a nice hot tight beat baby ..i am from NYC holding it down in the 727 and the 813 baby..no doubt HO Fa Sho!!

  53. Derrick Howard

    No disrespect, but I could find 50 beats nicer then these on Soundclick in 20 minutes… just saying… food for thought.

  54. 1. HoFaSho
    2. Meinierres’s Conditioning
    3. Staybach Music

    Ho Fa Sho far outshone a lot of the other tracks for originality and creativity, definitely sounded like a lot of time was spent on it. I could imagine meek mill SPAZZIN on that one!!! Meinierre’s had that beautiful music feel and I could here either Common, TI or Ross going IN on it, similar to Staybach music but I think Mahdi was more compassionate with his composition.

    Only if U Knew Better. Tbh I’m tired of that sample, no originality in it, used in the same way as most other producers have before him, just put some new drums on it. Something about After All i just didn’t get, i liked it but that trancy, europop rap that pitbull does just isn’t to my taste.

  55. 1.Mahdi Awwad -Meinierres Conditioning
    2. Mista Marcus – only if you knew better
    2. Stu enscoe – staybach music

  56. 1.Ater All

    2.Meinierre’s Conditioning


  57. 1. HoFaSho
    2. Meinierres’s Conditioning
    3. Staybach Music

  58. 1. After All
    2. Conditioning
    3. Staybach

  59. HoFaSho – 3pts
    Staybach Music – 2pts
    Meinierre’s Conditioning – 1pt

  60. 1) HoFaSho
    2) Only If U Knew Better
    3) Meinierre’s Conditioning

  61. #1 Staybach Music

    #2 Meinierre’s Conditioning

    #3 HoFaSho

  62. 1. HOFASHO
    2. HOFASHO
    3. HOFASHO

    Mario and Steve, you guys are awesome.
    Amber, you are beautiful.
    Peace out, dawgs.

  63. 1. HOFASHO
    2. HOFASHO
    3. HOFASHO

  64. 1 Meiniere’s Conditioning
    2 Stabach Music
    3 After All

  65. 1. HoFasho – hands down best track for rhyming. very energetic, never gets old
    2. Meinierre’s Conditioning – beautiful/smooth development as the track progresses
    3. After All – very fun and up beat, would be great for a video game

    IMO there’s no doubt HoFasho is #1 based on the unique sound and the ease of which lyrics could be added to the track.

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  1. @BNyce and @MDofCLP made it to the #YHTN New Years Beat Battle Finals! Listen and vote for “HoFaSho” | CLP Nation

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