Clearly we should do this more often. We had almost 100 submissions, which equates to me having to listen to almost 200 beats. It was great fun, and there are some super talented producers out there. Just to be transparent the key things I was looking for besides “hotness”:

  1. Did it sound real? There is a sound that feels right, like someone could actually hop on this and make something that didn’t sound like someone just exported an 8 bar Fruityloops loop. This has a lot to do with drums that actually fit the track, and synths and samples being properly tempo synced.
  2. Is it rap/singable? Basically could someone make a song from this. Are the bars formatted in a way that makes sense?
    example: intro/chorus/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/halfverse/chorus/chorus/outro
  3. Can a vocal actually sit in this somewhere?
  4. Is the mix decent? A lot of producers can’t mix. Learn to mix. People want to hear the fullness of your records.
Voting closes 12:01 AM on Monday, Jan 2nd. The winner will be posted at Noon EST on Monday.
To vote leave a comment on this post in this format:
1. Your first Place beat use the beat name (3pts)
2. Your second place beat use the beat name (2pts)
3. Your third place beat use the beat name (1pt)
<You can put all your opinions, rants and praise here. Do not post a link to your own stuff or your vote will be DQ’d>


Here we go! Good luck everyone, and nice work. – Tom


Lamarcus Long (Mista Marcus)
twitter: @mistamarcuscom
Beat: Only If U Knew Better


Kiara Mudd (Vitamin K)
twitter: @imvitamink
Beat: After All


Stu Enscoe
Twitter: @StuMakesBeats


Mario Dhanpath (mD) & Steven Woodburn (B. Nyce)
twitter: @clpnation
Beat: HoFaSho


Mahdi Awwad
website: none
twitter: none