Now before go thinking there’s some sort of beef with Ms. Gomes and Rozay, there isn’t. It just so happens, Jessica ended up in a Rick Ross session because of a connection her friend had with Jay-Z and his peoples. According to her interview with GG, the Australian beauty recorded the drop for Rozay’s “Maybach Music” with Mr. Carter from Ross’ Trilla LP but had no idea it would be used for additional material. Below is an excerpt from the interview where she explains how the conjunction with her, Rozay and Jay-Z unfolded.

So how does one find herself in Rick Ross’ studio?

(Laughs). Well, we were just all friends. I was friends of friends with Jay. We were all hanging out and they were just like, ‘Wow, we love your accent. We love your voice. Why don’t you say something and we’ll record it.’ That was seriously it.

Who else was in the studio?

Just a group of friends. A friend of Jay’s and then I was a friend of Jay’s friend. I don’t know Rick Ross. We’re not friends. I know of Jay. I’ve shot his Rocawear campaign before. But we’re not down friends, at all. We’re just acquaintances.

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