New Years Beat Battle Winner!

January 2, 2012 |  by  |  CONTESTS, LET THE BEAT BUILD

The winner for the New Years beat battle is:

Mario Dhanpath (mD) & Steven Woodburn (B. Nyce)
twitter: @clpnation
Beat: HoFaSho

Congrats guys! Your giftcard is on the way!

The top three broke down like this:

1. HoFaSho – 86pts
2. Staybach Music – 64pts
3. Meineirre’s Condition – 54pts

I’m planning another beat battle next week. So producers be on the look out next Thursday, January 12th.



  1. Lmao…. So this had nothing 2 do with who had the best beat??? It ultimately brought the most people here 2 spam the c-section. #SMH

    • First off welcome to the internet.

      Secondly 22pts isn’t some kind of slaughter. All the people that only voted for the winning beat got 1 point. It’s not like there was a ton of 3 pointers in there. Furthermore there were almost 80 comments. Had it been 140pts to 64pts then I would agree with you. In this case all the beats were downloaded over 500 times, the post itself was viewed almost 20,000 times.

      How would you prefer we choose “The Best Beat”? Next time we can just ask you! That would solve it. Man why didn’t I think to ask Jaymalls…? I’m going to go tell all the other blogs on the internet that competitions should be solved by asking you. We have a secret google wave group just for these kinds of revelations.

  2. i feel like posting this exchange up..or framing it in one of those Motivation Posters..lmao!

  3. Thank you all for voting :)

  4. Congrats to HoFaSho & Staybach Music, you all did a fantastic job! At the end of the day, Tom allowed the world to listen and appreciate our music on and honestly I’m just happy I recieved some great feedback from it. I can definitely understand if my style is a little off for some folks. I loved all the tracks up there! Good job guys, look forward to the next round!

    Thanks again Tom

  5. Hey Tom,

    just an idea for some more beat contests. throw out a theme or a sample or some type of requirement on the next one, it should liven things up a little. We could keep this competition rocking on a weekly/monthly basis.


  1. @MDofCLP and @Bnyce win YHTN New Years Beat Battle! | CLP Nation

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