Drake On Subliminal Disses From Pusha T: “I Don’t Know, Maybe That Guy Is Bored.”

February 27, 2012 |  by  |  NEWS

The disdain for Drake is shared among a handful of folks in this industry. Whether it’s a dispute over hashtag rap (Ludacris), being deemed “Sweet” (Common), disagreeing with a certain method of finding out how scandalous these heffars are (Fabolous), opting out of remix video shoots (Future) or swag not matching the sweaters (Pusha T), there’s always a problem to be solved.

But, Sherbert, a Young Canadian superstar who isn’t that much of a troublemaker, is resistant in firing back any well deserved shots at his “foes.” So resistant, that he remains optimistic towards them as well. And in the Lola Ogunnaike penned feature in the February issue of VIBE Magazine, the YM Prince explains just that.

“I’ve got no issues with him,” he says of Future, who was upset that Drake didn’t appear in his video, “Tony Montana.” “I’m happy I got on the song.” Pusha T, who once cryptically rhymed that, “the swag doesn’t match the sweaters,” gets off easy, too. “I’ve been really open about my love for the Clipse,” he says. “I don’t know, maybe that guy is bored.” Ludacris, who was accused of stealing Big Sean and Drake’s hashtag flow, also receives a halfhearted smack down, “That’s a case of someone trying to use my marketing money to get things going again for themselves. That didn’t affect my day, my month, my year. I didn’t take any of that seriously.”

Take Care is in stores now.



  1. R E A L L Y ? ? ?

    What Drake doesn’t understand is veterans like Ludacris, don’t need him for a come up because they have a solid fanbase. Badaboom wasn’t a way to “get things going” b/c all he did was release a mixtape behind that. As you can see, Luda is busy getting money in various ways: restuarant, cognac, acting, etc.
    I like Drake’s music b/c he’s like a female r&b artist but whenever he opens his mouth I get so annoyed by him

    • Yoo Drake! “Yeek-Yeek Woop-Woop Why you all in my ear? Talkin’ a whole bunch a shit that I ain’t tryin to hear. Get Back! Motherfucker You don’t know me like that.
      See I caught him with a right hook, caught him with a jab, caught him with an upper cut, kicked him in ass”

  2. isn’t this all old news? Further more, Drake should just start answering things like “okay, so?” LoL. That would save him so much trouble. TAKE CARE!!!

  3. He trying to pull a Jay-Z but he is Sherbert and never dropped ma classic, a “takeover” and/or got “ethered.” Thus, he needs to shake that Caanadian/Buddhist vaginal secretion shit!


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