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*Disclaimer* I’M STILL HIGH

I can’t remember the last time I attended a listening session on a Sunday. And I damn sure can’t remember the last time I attended a Taylor Gang function, so this was pretty much new to me. I waltzed into Jungle Studios down on 27th about 30 minutes after the scheduled starting time, but like most listening sessions I’ve been to, none of them ever start on time. A. Pitt, VP Of Rostrum Records, greeted me at the door. I’ve only bumped into Artie a couple times, but it’s always a pleasure seeing homey. We exchanged daps and I made my way in. I walked into the studio recognizing some familiar faces. There was Obese, Kaz from The Source, JFK from VIBE Magazine and assortment of others I’m drawing a blank on right now.

Before entering, I ran into my buddy Cardo (a Taylor Gang producer) who I didn’t expect to see. Like Artie, it’s always a pleasure seeing Cardo. Especially since he doesn’t live around these parts. He informed that the work he got placed on Taylor Allderdice is something serious. And judging by the first couple tracks that’ve made their way to the interwebs, I didn’t doubt him for one second. He introduced me to Sledgren, another Taylor Gang producer who’s all over Taylor Allderdice.

Of course the bar was open with Tanqueray, beer and Ciroc. I was pretty wasted the night before, so I opted for a water instead. That wouldn’t last long. The TGOD Family had an assortment of food for us such as chips, Pizza and a variety of Buffalo Wings, boneless and boned (is “boned” even the way to describe wings with bones? Fuck, I’m STILL high). I wasn’t that hungry, yet so I again opted out for wings and Pizza and polly’d with the folks in the room. I guess I was so deep in conversation that when I looked up the control room was FILLED with the TGOD family. Wiz, Chevy, Mac Miller, Juicy J, Will, Tima (the stylist), Bill (the videographer), Benji, Marsha and everyone else.

Wiz made the “Thanks for coming to our listening session” speech quick and to the point. He thanked us for coming out, obviously and explained that NOTHING is off limits tonight. If we wanted to smoke their smoke, he told us to come smoke. If we wanted to drink their drink, he told us to come drink their drink. At first I stayed inside the booth area with Eric & Jeff talking about their All-Star Weekend excursion in Orlando.

The cuts had began to play and I was vibing. Hard. One thing Wiz didn’t do was intro the tracks, give production credits or guest feature listings. Young Khalifa just pressed play on his iTunes library and let the tape rip. Real shit. Here’s where shit gets interesting. While zoning out to the music, I felt a light tap on my right shoulder. I do a quick turn and there stands Wiz rolling a see through joint STUFFED with whatever potent herb they smoke. Knowing myself, I know I don’t smoke but who was I to be a debbie downer and turn down a puff of Wiz’s finest herb. Wrong move.

Wiz dapped me up, as he did everyone else in the room and thanked us individually for coming out to fuck with him. I took two strong puffs of the joint and passed it to Peter Rosenberg who was to the left of me. Man, when I tell you that shit smacked the FUCK outta me? Man listen. I don’t know if Wiz did this on purpose, but when he went back to the control room, “Mary x3” came blasting through the speakers. Perfect timing because now my high ass was singing the hook and dancing like Snoop as if I was in a club. The feeling was euphoric, however.

By this time, I was having a grand time and this music was smooth to the point I wanted two step with a PYT. Before I went in the Control room to join the party, I observed the comradery between The OG Taylors. It was like we weren’t even there for a listening session, more so celebrating the completion of it. It was like EVERYONE in the room made a contribution to the tape. And by everyone , I mean from the bartender to Wiz Khalifa….everyone. They all made us feel like family for a good two hours.

Will was standing to the right quite and observant as he usually is when you see him. Chevy was next to Wiz smoking something strong of course. The commentary between those two also looked celebratory. Like “Man, they said we couldn’t do it…and now look at us.” Not sure if those were his EXACT words, but the smiles from both of them made it seem like it could’ve been something similar to that. Juicy J, Cardo and Sledgren were on the other side passing blue bottles of Gin to each other like it was a NYE house party. Shit was dope.

By this time, I’m on cloud 9 to the 100th power. So everything that’s happening right now is moving incredibly slow. Not so much slow motion, I was just VERY cautious on my steps moving into the next room lol. Marsha was standing on the couch overlooking the room and as soon as she saw me enter the room, she signaled me over. Fam, when I tell you that was the HARDEST 10 steps I had to take in my LIFE? I kid you not. She saw the level of difficulty draped on my face and laughed out loud. Fucker.

I finally made it over and was STUCK. The music made it alright though. It was one of those vibes that you could tell Wiz was back to doing things his way. Obviously, he’s been vocal about the creative disappointment for Rolling Papers and made sure he would get back to biz on future material. Taylor Allderdice is an indication Wiz is comfortable again. Again, track names weren’t revealed nor were guest features, but with Juicy J and Chevy rapping along to certain songs and Sledgren and Cardo showing extreme excitement for certain tracks you could tell who was apart of what track in what way. Think of Cabin Fever and Kush & OJ stuffed in a blender with a pinch of Juicy J’s Rubba Band Business 2.

I remember hearing Lola’s voice a couple times, Curren$y voice for a verse or two as well as Smoke DZA. These boys were having fun. The type of fun you have when you and your buddies sit in your Momma’s house plotting world domination and when it finally happens all you can DO is smile and celebrate. It’s confirmation that you CAN in fact do things YOUR no matter where you’re from or what type of music you make.

I wish I had song titles for you guys, but I’m glad I don’t because that feel good vibe doesn’t need to be labeled. At all. Marsha told me the tape would arrive mid-March. Before it’s release, the following would happen: Art work/tracklisting revealing, a video and one more song. Dates weren’t revealed to me as to when those components would hit, but you can expect them some time soon. I would LIKE to say the song Wiz recording in the beginning of this episode of DayToday as well as the song playing at the 2:05 mark will be on the tape. Shit’s SICK!

Last night was pretty much an episode of DayToday, which I’m sure will turn into a real episode of DayToday and this post will become real life. Ok, I’m hungry. Gotta go.