Candid Convo: LowKey’s Predictions For Birdman’s Next Signing To Cash Money Records

March 4, 2012 |  by  |  CANDID CONVO

Last night our favorite and most infamous Hand Rubber, Baby Birdman Williams Tweeted to his followers and lurkers that his NEXT signing to the Cash Money/Young Money imprint is going to, in his oh so lovingly words, “Fuck Tha World Up.” With that Tweet, speculation soon followed….as it should.

Over the past several months, some might say Birdman’s signings have been either shocking, confusing and/or calculated. Now we all know Birdman ain’t no dummy. Staying completely relevant in a culture and climate that changes faster than Chris Brown’s mood swings, Mr. Williams knows a thing or two about this industry. However, I challenged that gesture when he brought Mystikal and Christina Milian on board. And also when Wayne and him toyed with the idea of signing Ashanti

There’s obviously something he knows that WE all don’t. But based on what we’ve seen from said artists in the past, let’s say five years, the two songbirds and former jail bird (Mystikal for you slow ones lol), I’m not extremely sure where and/or how those three could fit in with that crew. But, we’ve seen stranger things occur in this industry.

And then we have Busta Rhymes and Limp Bizkit. I call those the “History Lessons.” Bringing old blood into a young classroom. Could go both ways. Both are still somewhat relevant in their respective fields, but also could do without working for another “Boss.” Well at least Busta could. However, I digress. This is about what’s GOING to happen, not what’s already occurred.

Let’s get this out the way: It’s crowded over at Cash Money. We all know this. Birdman, Wayne, Nicki, Sherbert, Busta Tyga, Mack Maine, Bow Wow, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckie, Shanell, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Jay Sean and a couple others that are “pending.” Now if it we’re up to ME, and obviously it’s not, there would need to be some “cuts” in-house before anyone else is brought over occupy space at the Cash Money/YMCMB Mansion. I don’t say this with hate, I say it from a place of genuine respect for the current artists that reside on that roster. Whether you like this squad or not, they’re all artists who’ve sacrificed a great deal of THEIR life to do what they love. But again, Birdman must know something we don’t because he’s just signing away.

So since Birdman is letting go any of these “flourishing” artists, at least not publicly, I’ve pondered at least  five artists that could possibly see a Cash Money/Young Money imprint on their CD release. Ready? Ok, here we go.

Gucci Mane: Just these past weekends, Birdman and Gucci Mane have been displaying that “BFF” behavior. The two were recently spotted in Orlando at a couple All-Star soirees on the cool out. Then about a weekend or so prior to that, Gucci Mane attended Birdman’s birthday bash at LIV nightclub with the rest of the CM family. Hmm. Not for nothing, Gucci’s sound doesn’t shy away from the CM/YM sound either. Not saying it’s better or worse, but I can see the fit. On a scale from 1-10, what are Gucci’s chances landing with Birdman?

DMX: Yeah, this could be the WTF move of 2012. But is it impossible? Sure isn’t. Think about it, what in the BLOODY BLUE FUCK was Earl Simmons doing at LIV nightclub? Ina a GOD DAMN skully? To me, it seems the ONLY mofo’s in this game that give not one simple fuck about their attire is Lil Wayne, Sherbert, Nicki Minaj and yep you guessed it………..DMX! Sonically, it would be a disgusting move. I just couldn’t hear Earl collaborating with Drake or even Nicki. And come to think of it, X just expressed his disdain for Drizzy about a week ago on The Breakfast Club so this one might be a dead issue before we could even think of who should appear on the first collaboration. On a scale from 1-10, what are DMX chances landing with Birdman?

Rick Ross: We all know these guys are crew tight so THIS could turn into a reality QUICK. Notable collaborations between Ross and Drake AND Ross and Wayne make this move more credible than any of the others I’ve rambled about. But does it make sense for Ross himself? Building such a STEADY empire with Maybach Music, does this compromise all that hard work or just heighten it. It’s not like the resources for Rozay and MMG aren’t available at EACH one of their fingertips, so it can’t be that. It’s almost like Birdman and MMG are forming a monopoly on the game. OVO, MMG, YM? Under oen umbrella? Shit, that can’t be good for the rest of the game now can it?  Say he does link with Birdman and crew, the doors for squad, in terms of collaborations open up wider than anything. But again, I pose the question: Will it hurt what Ross has done for himself thus far?  On a scale from 1-10, what are Rick Ross’ chances landing with Birdman?

Missy Elliot: I’m going off of two things for this one: The remix to Busta’s “Why Stop Now” with Wayne and Chris Brown and the fact that we haven’t heard a PEEP from Missy in over 6 years? This would, as Birdman Tweeted, would “Fuck tha world”, but we have to ask how comfortable would Missy’s core demo be with this move? Missy isn’t really a liability in terms of one of those artists you have to monitor so that wouldn’t be an issue. BUT where is she creatively? Would she even need the assistance of Birdman and his army? Or she  safe over at Atlantic Records with Lyor and company? Creatively, she’s always been a weirdo, in a good sense, so it could fit in with them. And Drake is so in love with Aaliyah, Missy could give him bed time stories for days. But, does it make sense? On a scale from 1-10, what are Missy’s chances landing with Birdman?

Chris Brown: Perfect. Fucking. FIT! Chris Brown needs a unit right about now…a family environment if you will. Him and Tyga are crew tight. Weezy and him sound good on wax together. We haven’t heard anything with Brown and Minaj yet, even though they are making the same type of music nowadays. I mean he’s rapping more than she is. Ok, I digress. And I’m sure once Sherbert dumbs down his infatuation with Rihanna, those two lightbulbs could make some dope music together, no? This might not be the case, however since Breezy is slated to release his 5th solo effort, Fortune on May 7th. The release of the project this could be delay the signing for a bit, if it were to actually happen. And since we haven’t heard any complaints from Breezy in regards to his label, logistically, this might not make that much sense.  But like I said in the title, these are just predictions. So, On a scale from 1-10, what are Chris Brown’s chances landing with Birdman?

Ok, I’ve exercised my thoughts on this matter. I love this long winded posts, gets my mind churning like a muthafucka lol. Oh, I’m tipsy. SO! Hit that C-Section up and share your thoughts with me. Was I off base? On point? Reaching? Or what?????

Ok, bye!



  1. GUCCI! His flow and sound are at the top of their game (Trap Back/ Writing on the Wall 2), gives him a larger platform without having to compromise artistically, and he brings more OG cred to the crew. Win/Win/Win situation. Brrr!

  2. Aye Low! He might just sign The Weeknd.

  3. I could see Gucci. The line snorters and pill poppers president is a winner within those 2 communities but he definitely needs some guidance. With that being said Gucci is highly realistic.

    X, not so much. I think he’d sign to No Limit personally but does anyone actually WANT X on their squad? S/N the skully remark is null & void, because the REAL 305 niggas wear skullys like it’s alaska down that bitch.

    I could see CB going there, he needs a team as well. I don’t see Chris being a boss anytime soon, he’s young, damn near fam with them and def needs that backing.

  4. I dont think him signing Ross who “fuck up the world” and DMX already shared how he felt about them, even though he did say Weezy was him “mans n’em”. Chris signing to Cash Money wouldn’t be anything spectacular either.

    Missy on the other hand? heck yea! Only because we haven’t heard anything from Missy except that remix she jumped on.
    I also think a Nas, Shyne, or even Bun B signging would “fuck up the world”, especially if it was Nas or Shyne Po, but that’s just my thoughts.

  5. ..oh and Andre3000. But that might just be wishful thinking since I’, feenin for a 3stacks album

  6. R E A L L Y ? ? ?

    I could see Gucci b/c like you said they’ve been hanging together and going to ymcmb would be a good look for him b/c it’ll get him more attention.
    I think you buggin on the dmx and rick ross tip. Young money is clicky and full of young, new niggas doing experimental music and I don’t see DMX getting in with them (plus he already said he doesn’t like drake). I do think it would be a good look b/c it’ll get him some attention but nah, he doesn’t fit in with them. And ross has his own thing going. MMG and YMCMB is already close and have their affiliation so I don’t think ross needs to be officially tied in with ymcmb
    I would be sooooooooooooooooooo sad if Missy went with them.
    I think they need to work on developing the artist they already have b/c its ridiculous how they’re signing people left and right when they’ve been having people on their roster for years that they’ve done nothing with

  7. The Number 27

    Ya’ll forgot about one of Waynes very good friends, The Game. He’s touched on the subject in a couple songs, he talks about it in I think 2 songs on “The R.E.D. Album.” I think that would be a great move, as long as there are no hard feelings between him and Dre afterwards.

  8. Wow! none of your predictions have any realistic chance of happening. Ross? are you kidding me, he is not going to throw away MMG to hop on YM”s dick. Same with gucci, he is doing his own thing, brick squad! As for dmx you’re kidding me right? That is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard, you should probably lay off the booze. There is also no chance that breezy will sing with ym. He has had so much solo success that he has no reason to team with a bunch of rappers. He proved he can rap without the help of ym with boy in detention. Missy elliot is your only realistic prediction although I doubt that will happen.

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