During my hosting stint down at SXSW a couple weeks ago, I got the pleasure of seeing a slew of new artists during the SXNC Showcase. One of the acts who stuck out was a kid from Oklahoma City by the name of Josh Sallee. Never saw nor heard of homeboy before that day, but after his set I became a fan.

About a week ago, the OKC native liberated his latest release Probable Flaws onto the interwebs. The opus features production from Dante Jones, Corey Jay, Blev and more. This project will get MAJOR burn in the LowTouch this Spring. Tracks to check out? “Not Following”, “Ew” (one of my favorites), “Finer Things,” and “Big Kid Bars.” Tracklisting and download link, below.

1.) Probable Flaws (Prod. By Dante Jones)

2.) Not Following (Prod. By Corey Jay)
3.) RIP To Regret (Prod. By Blev)
4.) Put Out (Prod. By Blev)
5.) Ew (Prod. By Blev)
6.) Like Girl Like Guy (Prod. By Bangadio)
7.) Up & Downerholic (Prod. By BrainGangBlue)
8.) Walk On By (Prod. By Blev)
9.) OKC To KC ft. Joey Cool (Prod. By Breakdown Teknique)
10.) Ride Out (Prod. By Blev)
11.) Finer Things ft. Roosh Williams (Prod. By Agent Orange)
12.) Never Ever (Prod. By Blev)
13.) Big Kid Bars (Prod. By Dante Jones)