In exactly one month, MetLife Stadium will be FILLED to the brim, pending on Mother Nature’s mood swings, with rap advocates, ratchet heffars, hip-hop hippies, goons, gobblins and everything in between for Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert. Deemed as the Superbowl of hip-hop shows, Summer Jam usually is the kick off to the hip-hop summer. Moments are made, spots are blown and beefs are ignited. But one thing that’s never redundant when it comes to Summer Jam is the headliner.

If you’re a faithful attendee of Summer Jam, ONE of the main questions asked after the show is “Who will headline next year?” Well, today’s that day. At 4pm, The Voice of NY, Angie Martinez will announce the line up for this years festivities. I’m not going to rundown who I think will perform because if I list them and if it’s slightly accurate to their list? I’ll be accused of “leaking” information EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO IDEA WHO IS PERFORMING lol. So we’re going to skip that discussion and go straight to the headliner.

Now headlining Summer Jam is a pretty fun task to have. You’re the head honcho. Numero Uno. Big Cheese. That NIGGA and/or NIGGLETTE. Ok, I’ll stop. But you get my drift right? Your set could be extremely memorable or a complete disaster. With that, you have to plan your set list accordingly AND your guest features as well. Questions the headliner must ask themselves: 1.) Who’s hot at the moment? 2.) Who’s in town right now? 3.) Who owes me a favor? 4.) Who has an album coming out? 5.) Who’s my favorite NYC artist? These questions must be asked and answered before hitting that stage June 3rd.

Ok, so before Ms Martinez reveals what we’re all wondering, I thought it would be pretty damn fun to let go a list of possibilities for this years headliners. Again, I have no insider information ok? This is just my brain speaking out loud and sparking a fun discussion before the actual headliner is revealed. Ready? Here we GO!

Maybach Music Group (RicK Ross, Wale, Meek Mill, Omarion, Stalley): I could see this happening easily. Yesterday the MMG gang announced a flurry of release dates as well as an addition to the team, Omarion (I’m not calling him Maybach O). Self Made Vol. 2 is dropping June 26, God Forgives, I Don’t drops July 31st, and Meek’s debut project drops August 28th. Summer Jam would be the perfect stage to really kick off promo for ALL these projects. They have the momentum, they have the ammunition (singles, freestyles, collabos) and they have the man power to do so.

YMCMB (Birdman, Drake, Tyga, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne): I’m saying them as a collective because in someway, these 5 have impacted hip-hop in someway this year. While I could see Drake standing alone to be honest, I think it would be a better set to see them rock as a team. Only thing is it knocks out room for surprise guests. And to be honest, the guests they could bring to the stage will probably already have performed earlier that evening anyway. I mean, Drake did bring out Stevie Wonder and Nas during his OVO Fest so you never know. And that brings me to my next selection….

Nas: I’m not SURE if Nas’ momentum is strong enough to headline Summer Jam, but the name OVERALL carries a shitload of weight. The steam he’s accumulated over the past couple weeks might lead into more momentum this month. Though Life Is Good doesn’t drop til July 17th, he’s still has plenty of room to drop remixes, another single in the next month. This might be the most unlikeliest of options, but it would be dope to see the Queens native rock as a headliner. Just don’t forget your lines, Nasir!

Rihanna: Oh the ratchtedness of THIS option. Imagine her fine ass walking out on stage smoking a HUGE ass joint. I don’t know what in the hell has gotten into her lately *cough lean cough* but lord have mercy. She’s got the records to rock a 25 minute set as the headliner and I’m SURE NYC wouldn’t mind her bringing out Chris Brown for that “Cake” remix. Imagine the headlines after THAT the next morning. She would need a little bit of help though seeing how this is hip-hop dominated show. We’ll see.

2 Chainz: I want this one to happen. After seeing the stunt he pulled during our SOBs show at SXSW in Austin, Texas? Anything is possible when it comes to Two Necklaces. The ATL native has appeared on a FLURRY of records in the past year and a half so pulling guests onstage would be a walk in a park. Question is, WHICH guest is WORTH pulling onstage for the Superbowl of hip-hop shows? T.I.? Ross? Drake? Kanye? Nicki? Lil Wayne? Yeah, HOT 97, I think we have our winner.

The Throne: I know, I know they’ll be in Paris the first weekend in June. *Looks up tour dates* HOLD UP!!! HOLD THE FUCK UP! About a month ago, Ye and Jay were booked for a Sunday show in Paris. No, I swear to GOD they were. But according to THIS? They now only have shows on June 1s and June 2nd then a WEEK off. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, Summer Jam 2012 just got authentic ladies and gents! Could you imagine Jay and Ye popping up at this bitch? FUCK YOU IF YOU’RE NOT EXCITED for the possibility of this. It would be a PERFECT set up for Ye’s G.O.O.D. Music project which is slated to drop this Spring/Summer season! Imagine hearing “Mercy” AND “Theraflu” on THOSE type of speakers? And let’s not forget Mr. Carter is constructing a solo LP as we speak. Oh and then we have Beyonce who’s actually performing the weekend before in Atlantic City so she’ll be in her performance groove as well. Ah MAN!

Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, OK! Those are my selections for headlining act to this year’s Summer Jam concert going down on June 3rd at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. I’ll definitely be in the building drunk off of Nutcracker’s (shouts to my Harlem connect) like last year. I hope you don’t miss out on this shit. Didn’t get your tickets yet? Slide over here while you can! Let me know who YOU think will headline this year’s show!