If you follow me on Twitter, I’m SURE you’ve noticed my “TONNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIGHT” tweets every other 4 hours. Well, that Tweet derives from this group, Fun. I first heard the group’s lead single “We Are Young” via a Chevrolet commercial which starred Rob Dyrdek. The tune, obviously infectious, stuck in my head but I never really researched who it was. My homey Jas told me more about them during SXSW but again, I didn’t do any research on them. Until last night.

I was combing through movie trailers over at Apple and I came across the trailer to This Is 40, a new movie by Judd Apatow which can almost be deemed as a sequel to Knocked Up. And to my surprise, Fun’s “We Are Young” was the song playing in the trailer. So, I headed over to Youtube, found the song and played it for a good two hours. Then I watched the official video. And THEN I went and bought the single from iTunes. So after listening to the song fro the rest of the day, I figured they have to have an album out. Low and behold, Some Nights pops up. I pressed play earlier today and I’ve been hooked ever since. Particularly on “One Foot.”

Seems like this album is dealing a lot with broken hearts and bad decisions but they make it sound so god damn beautiful. Shit! Shouts to Jeff Bhasker. I’ve put a download link to “One Foot” below because I think you guys will appreciate the fuck out of it like I have. The horns are my favorite part. If you like what you hear, you can purchase Some Nights by clicking the iTunes tab below!

DOWNLOAD: Fun – One Foot