When HOT 97’s Summer Jam makes its way onto our hip-hop calendars? We can only expect some type of drama to be nearby. And on Sunday, June 3rd, drama ensued when Nicki Minaj stiffed the Superbowl of Hip Hop Concerts due to some choice words made by Peter Rosenberg earlier in the day. The move caused Nasir Jones, a guest on Nicki Minaj’s set, to take her slot and put on his own show which included DJ duties from Green Lantern and a VERY special appearance from Lauryn Hill.

But as we all know, Nas is no stranger to beefing with HOT 97. A couple years back during the Nas/Jay beef era, Nas had his own plan of attack directed at Mr. Carter on the Summer Jam stage but the powers that be wouldn’t allow it. Fast forward to today, Nas spoke with Rap-Up about the Summer Jam situation, his relationship with Lauryn Hill and his advice to Nicki Minaj. Check the excerpt, below.

Did you speak to Nicki about the situation?
I think it was just really messy. When you’re in the heat of that moment, no one has time to inform anybody, but we spoke after briefly and it seemed like it was a crazy situation for her to handle. When put in that position, it’s no easy thing and I guess I was in support of her, in support of Hot 97. I’ve been there before, so at the end of the day, it could be fixed. It’s one hip-hop family, let’s unify it.