It’s obvious: I’m a weirdo. And sometimes that prohibits me from being creative, honest and open. I mean, look at today’s society, some of us scale back from being our true personalities because we don’t want to have to go through the hardships of explaining our quirky ways. For me? It’s just the simple fact of explaining myself. I HATE that shit.

Sometimes I live in this bubble of explaining stuff to myself and once I come to the realization of understanding why I operate a certain way, I shut off the world, or those around me, because I’ve come to the conclusion of what I’m dealing with. That’s not ALWAYS the best thing lol. But I KNOW I’m not the ONLY one who thinks like that either.

Maybe it’s because I’m unhappy with certain dynamics in my life that I choose to figure out things on my own because people don’t get how I function. Again, I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way lol. I’m probably the only one to openly admit it. I gotta stop being so stubborn sometimes. Nah fuck that, I have a right to be stubborn. Ok let me pull back lol.

Maybe it’s because I want to channel so much creativity that explaining stuff to people I feel like I’ll either lose out on what I’m trying to accomplish or have my bubble busted. You know that feeling when conjure up something so fucking awesome and then have that shit STRIPPED DOWN? Man that feeling sucks, BUT it’s needed. As I grow older and take this working for myself shit head on, there will be times where people strip down your shit. And not because they hate you, but because they know you can do better. I guess this is me realizing I have to stop being so stubborn. Only with certain folks, the rest of you…KEEP BACK lol.

Maybe that’s why I’m so open to criticism when it comes to hosting because I really value the experience it’s bringing to my life. I’ll be honest, blogging is fucking BORING at times. Hell, MOST of the time. For ME, not saying in general. A lot of my peers enjoy this stuff and I’m happy for them, but I’ve yet to find anything connected to blogging that gives me the urge to go harder. That’s until hosting came along.

See with hosting, I can re-discover my passion for blogging while fine tuning another while helping new artists get heard. It wasn’t till recently I was told by a peer of mine that I have the voice and ability to change some peoples way of living. I mean I understood it, but things are always different when someone else lays on the table for you. I don’t know, I just wanted to share that lil thought with you guys.

As stated yesterday, you’ll get one of these everyday: short, medium, long and/or super long. My creativity is slowly coming back. So…thanks guys for listening. Oh, if you’re in the NYC are tonight I’ll be hosting down at Katra for this event called “Intermix.” Open bar at 8pm sponsored by Toma Vodka. RSVP here —–> [email protected]! Ok bye!


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