Hey man, GET OVER THAT SHIT. You holding on to that grudge like it’s the golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory. I can’t tell you when to get over something, but at SOME point you’re going to have to rid yourself of that mental burden which at this point shouldn’t be a factor. I mean if it happened yesterday lol? That’s different, but I know you’re holding on to something from months ago. Let it rock, my G.

Why do we hold on to these grudges though? Do we like the pain it puts us through? Are we attempting to stay mad at the person so they SEE how much stress they caused because of their idiotic thought pattern? We think we’re putting them through pain when in reality they might not even give three shits about the situation you’re mad at, so why should you?

Let me tell you: grudges block your blessings. They carry over into other situations whether it’s work related, friendships, domestic situations….hell even family stuff. Our holding on to grudges also serve as a form of protection if you think about it. You’re holding on to whatever he/she/they did to you because you want them to see how mad you are AND you don’t want any one ELSE to get that close to hurt that ass either. At least that’s why I did it before. Can’t do that.

Address your grudge. Step up to the person and/or situation that hurt you, examine that shit and do your BEST to protect yourself from it in the future. Fucked up shit will ALWAYS happen to you, that’s just life. The key to that is how you HANDLE it after it happens. Some of us have this thought process that we can control everything which in turn drives us up the wall when we can’t. CHILL. ON. THAT. SHIT. Seriously lol.

Now like I said before, there isn’t a timeline as to when you have to let grudges go but as long as you’re contemplating getting over said grudge, your first steps to recovery have begun. We’re all EXTREMELY different and stubborn in our own ways. Hell, I’m just now getting over certain grudges from years ago. Yes I know…what can you do. But at least I’m getting over them. Some work related, some domestic related. It’s all relative. But, I’m taking the steps necessary to let that shit roll off my shoulders now. I sincerely hope YOU guys can do the same. FEEL ME!

I told ya’ll, this is a self-discovering ride that you ALL are on with me. Make sure you’re examining yourself in the process. Cool? Cool!

Ok, Bye


Low “If you don’t get me anything for my birthday on September 3rd, I’ll only hold THAT grudge for 1 month lol” Key