This industry, no scratch that, this LIFE we live is competitive as all hell. Every day we’re fighting for a top position on every totem pole. Whether it be financially, socially, career wise…we’re all looking for a top slot. And within that journey to the top we tend to forget, ignore, knock down those that are assisting us with said tasks. And it’s not on purpose, it’s just we feel like there’s not enough time to look back and say “I Appreciate You.”

It’s no mystery we ALL want to succeed, but let’s look at the spot we’re all in right now. Someone helped you get to that point right? If not solely helped you, but had SOMETHING to deal with it? You appreciate them for that right? Have you told them? A quick text, phone call, email, g-chat, aim message, tweet….something. It doesnt have to be long and drawn out, just a quick “Yo, I appreciate you. Have a great day.” That type of talk goes a LONG way.

Some of you are probably in a relationship that’s hit its bumps in the road every now and then. He/She may nag you from time to time or bug you about things you need to be doing or should be doing. 9/10, it’s not out of jealousy, but simply encouraging you to do better and better. Appreciate them for that effort. It takes a lot out of someone to remind ANOTHER person to be better at whatever it is they’re doing. They’re doing it to see you succeed, not to give you a headache. I know you may be gritting your teeth to this, but sit back and observe the times they’ve so called “nagged” you. If that issue revolves around the betterment of you and your life, show your appreciation.

This isn’t really long and drawn out as my last joints, but I was in the shower this morning thinking about how sometimes I don’t appreciate my TRUE friends who push and pull with me on a daily basis about becoming a better person and better “brand.” Over the past two days, I’ve received “pep talks” and “im proud of texts” conversation from key people in my life who’ve seen me grow from my early years in college to this very day. And to those people, I appreciate you. Sincerely.

My Dad just started reading these entries not to long ago. A book he gave me about a month ago inspired me to start posting these “Dear Readers” up because it triggered something in my brain. In addition, these are used as a self-reflection for the things I’ve been going through over the past months. It’s helped…A LOT. But in all honesty, it wouldn’t have been possible if that book wasn’t placed in my hands. And I have my Dad to thank for that. So Papa LowKey? If you’re reading this, which I know you are. I appreciate you Big Homey! Hey look, I haven’t cursed yet lol. I know he’s proud about that lmao.

Let’s get back to the email responses: [email protected] Hit me up with a quick “Who I Appreciate” message of who you appreciate and why. I don’t need names, but just briefly describe the person and the role they’ve played in your life and WHY you appreciate them.

I’d like to send my sincerest condolences to the family of Chris Lighty. RIP.

OK, Bye.


Low “UHTN readers? I appreciate the hell out of you guys.” Key