Ok, so instead of breaking down what this video is about because TMZ does it for us right here, I’m going to pull some key quotes from this deposition video because in all my existence on God’s green earth have I ever seen someone give ZERO fucks such as Dwayne Carter exhibited in this deposition video. Check out some key quotes, below!

“Pete Ross, that’s a stupid ass question.” – Lil Wayne
“She was crazy STUPID thick.” – Lil Wayne
“Yeah, it is something out of your ass.” – Lil Wayne
“I don’t recall that.”- Lil Wayne
“I don’t recall that neither.” – Lil Wayne
“Sorry sir, no I’m a superstar…people hire themselves to photograph me.” – Lil Wayne
“I’m sorry, that’s my psychic.” – Lil Wayne
“Personally, I don’t have to do nothing.” – Lil Wayne
“You know he can’t save you right? In the real world. That guy right there…he can’t save you in the real world.” – Lil Wayne
“I was talking to myself.” – Lil Wayne