See, there are two different ways I could look at this entry today. I could be beat down on an issue that you’ve been going through over the past couple hours, days, weeks and/or months and continue that self pity streak you’re stuck in right now. Or, I could sit you up in that desk chair, wipe your mental tears and fix that struggle face so we’re back on track to greatness. Follow me for a quick second, if you will.

Whether you like to admit it or not, and it might be a hard pill to swallow, we draw inspiration from our peers: be it negative or positive. We may see something they’re doing, which we don’t agree on and strive to NOT go down that route. But that’s a rare occurrence. And then there’s the positive route, the main inspiration from which this entry was born. I have a good friend named Rae Holliday (from the Fashion duo, StuffFlyPeoplLike. Sup Gabe! ). Met him back in 2008 during my early BET days. I didn’t know the kid from a hole in the wall, but he was bleeding positive energy from the VERY start.

From that point on, we tackled red carpets, press junkets, club outings, media trips, and award shows together. If it was something popping? Rae was ALWAYS there. RARELY have I seen Rae jump out of character. I could always count on Rae to have a good time wherever he was at. Last night, Rae attended Jay’s show @ The Barclays Center in which he was in the VIP D’USSE Cognac section of the arena. That section was filled with the who’s who of the night like Angie Martinez, Melanie Fiona, Queen Latifah and one of Rae’s favorite people on EARTH, Beyonce.

I was following Rae’s Instagram and Twitter updates so I saw his excitement escalate from point A to point Z. I went to sleep and then woke up to THIS from Rae’s Instagram account. And then it occurred to me, just like Rae, we ALL deserve this. What is “THIS” you ask? This is success. Happiness. Joy. Recognition. We ALL deserve it. Clearly, Rae’s accomplished MUCH MUCH more than just partying with Beyonce at The Barclay’s Center, so that’s not what this is about. It’s about how FAR Rae has come from 2008 until now. Listening to Jay spit “Where I’m From” while Beyonce dances in front of Rae is a mere strand of hay in Rae’s haystack.

See, sometimes I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit when it comes to our own accolades and feats, me included. We may observe some of society’s more accomplished figures and sometimes even our own peers and beat ourselves up over the facet we’re not THERE or ahead of them. And in that mental drift, we forget to look in the mirror, look at our accomplishments and say “You Deserve This.” All the hard work you’ve put in? You deserve to smile and relish in that light for a second. Why not? Cause you don’t have a black card? Because you don’t have a chauffeur? Because you can’t get up and take a vacation whenever you want? Ahhhhhh foowy lmao.

Are there things you can fine tune and go a little harder on? Fuck yes. Hell, Jay-Z thinks that. Bill Gates thinks that. Will Smith thinks that. Oprah thinks that. YOUR PARENTS think that. We all do. But at one point or another, these people have ENJOYED the fruits of their labor because they’ve worked HARD for it. See “Otis” for Jay and Ye’s “I DESERVE THIS” moment lol.

I can’t force you to sit and think about the stuff you deserve and don’t deserve, only you can do that. Only YOU know how much blood, sweat and tears you put into your craft to really digest how much success you should be getting out of it. Me? I’ve been tackling this hosting thing for a good year and a half now. Scared shitless when I first started it, my best friend NilesG will tell you I was a bitch when I first started hosting parties. But he believed in me and told me to KEEP PRACTICING. So, that’s what I did. Gig after gig, I got better and better. Meka from 2DopeBoyz, another great friend of mine, can tell you about my progression because he’s seen it first hand. I can also say that bout his DJ’ing. The kid taught himself about 2 years ago and just finished DJ’ing a Kendrick Lamar show for BET 2 weekends ago lol. AWESOME SHIT. Oh, I hosted that show too. I digress.

Point I’m trying to make is I’m on the verge of closing in on a big hosting gig in the coming weeks and it just hit me: I DESERVE THIS. I put in work to get to where I’m at. It’s been a long and tiresome road, but I wouldn’t travel it any different. And that’s how I believe you guys should look at it as well. “You Deserve This.” You’ve EARNED those stripes. You’ve went to war to be recognized for what you’re good at. So, before this day is done? Relish in what you’ve accomplished and get RIGHT back on the grind to earn more!

Alright, I’m hungry and I been working hard all morning. Hope you guys understand where I’m coming from.

Ok, Bye

Low “I Deserve This Grilled Chicken Wrap In My Fridge” Key