Video: Lebron James’ Samsung Galaxy Note II Commercial

October 30, 2012 |  by  |  VIDEOS

When LeBron James was choosing his next smartphone, he wanted something unique—something that would turn heads but could also make day-to-day tasks effortless. Something that had all the functional capabilities of a smartphone and all the creative elements of a tablet. With its fine-tuned S Pen, enhanced multitasking functions, and beautiful 5.5″ Super Amoled screen, the Galaxy Note II was the Best of Both. Learn more about why Lebron chooses the Note II as his everyday device, and join the community at



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  1. Does everyone in the world ride this dudes dick??? A music blog site has to post a Lebron James commercial? WTF is sports and entertainment coming to…As if they didn’t overplay that whack ass commercial enough last night.

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