Not that I hate French Montana or anything because I still go ape shit during “Pop That” and yell “Haaannnnnhh” when a female asks “Nile, are you listening?”, but lord knows I’m tired of these repetitive line-ups. This “Candid Convo” was inspired by French’s latest single “Marble Floors” featuring Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz (swap 2 Chainz for Drake and we have “Pop That”).

These redundant line-ups are making star studded collaborations a snooze fest. Whether it’s a remix or a lead single, things need to be change and folks need to start experimenting outside their comfort zone a bit more. “Westside, Right On Time” with Kendrick Lamar & Young Jeezy? Unusual! “The Bluff” with Wiz Khalifa & Cam’ron? Unsual! “They Ready” with DJ Khaled, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Big KRIT? Unsual! Rihanna and Future? Unsual! You see what I’m getting at? Ok good. With that said, I took the liberty in pondering some of my OWN collaborations that would seem pretty “Unusual” if they were ever to see the light of day. Check em out!

Future & Beyonce: Fix your face, fool because this shit JUST might happen in 2013. If you’ve been paying attention, Future’s country ass has been making his way up that R&B ladder quite swiftly over the past several months: Kelly Rowland, Rihanna & Ciara. I could laugh in your face if you think he doesn’t have his eyes set on Beyonce. Or even better; Beyonce studying Future’s moves AND mixtapes. Beyonce’s done ALL she has to do as an R&B artist throughout her career, I can assure you she’s ready to get ratchet and have some fun. Beyonce probably caught Blue Ivy bouncing around to “Tony Montana” and it clicked right then and there.

Producer Pick: Noah “40” Shebib & Mike Will Made It

Kanye West & Fun.: This is solely based on the fact that Jeff Bhasker’s production on 808’s and MBDTF oozzes through Fun.’s sophomore set, Some Nights. If you’re a fan of Fun. you should understand the predicted synergy between Ye and the trio. would make perfect sense: self reflecting tunes with potent production that can either make you down a bottle of Jack Daniels or scream “Fuck YOU” to everyone in your path with an infectious smile. Out of the five? This is my personal favorite and I PRAY it happens.

Producer Pick: Jeff Bhasker & No I.D. 

Kendrick Lamar & Pusha T: Bars on bars on bars on motherfucking bars. Nope, I’m not looking for Billboard 100 placement. I’m not looking for Club Couch Anthem of the Year. I’m looking for disrespectful raps to the niggas who THINK they can rap. Sometimes you wake up and say “Man, I just want to hear some fucking BARS.” And while there’s a lot of that out there, there’s key people who you want on the SAME record together doing what they do best. Look me in the face and tell me you wouldn’t be the LEAST bit interested in seeing how this would end up? LOOK AT ME KING!!!

Producer Pick: Just Blaze 

Drake & Joe Budden: Talk about emo central. Well, my ass isn’t the one to talk with all my late night #CrushTips and shit lol. I digress. These two fellas have flexed their muscle on both sides of the coin very well. But could it work together? Joe and Sherbert have this knack for saying EXACTLY what us males have a hard time saying to the opposite sex. And though some of us might not like to admit because of their off-court antics (not getting into that right now lol), it would be a gift to both fan bases. The scary thing is, these two could make more than one type of record together: Mixtape, Radio and/or Club. Who wouldn’t want that?

Producer Pick: T-Minus & Cardiak 

Lil Wayne & Nas: Someone needs to kick Weezy in the ass and Nas might be the one to do it. Creatively, and before Life Is Good, some could argue Nas lost a step or two. But LIG put those notions to sleep quick fast and in a hurry. In my eyes? Nas, and I say this with love, is lazy as fuck. Not sure what got into the Queensbridge poet (Kelis’ money hungry ass probably) lately but he’s got his mojo back. As for Wayne? Skateboarding looks like it’s become his first love from here on out. And with him declaring The Carter V as his last album, we’d like to see him LYRICALLY go out on top. It’s OBVIOUS he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone given his successful track record but going out on top is what we’d like to see happen for him. Jay woke Nas the fuck up with “Takeover” so I guess that needs to happen to Wayne? What better artist to guide him through a situation like that than Nas? Wishful thinking on this side of town, though.

Producer Pick: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League & Salaam Remi