Who wouldn’t want to be on a Boeing 777 airplane following one of music’s biggest stars around a 7 COUNTRY tour in support of her forthcoming project, Unapologetic with a bevy of different media outlets and fans throughout the country, right? Well apparently that notion has swiftly departed from the folks attending this one of a kind “tour.”

Nowadays, artists are ALWAYS thinking of different and intriguing ways to not only satisfy their core fan base but also wrangle in a shitload more without straying too far away from home. It’s a gift and a curse that can often backfire on said artist: this could be one of those instances.

The #777Tour kicked off last Wednesday in Mexico City lugging around 150 journalists from 82 countries and close to 50 fans to which none of them might never experience something like this again. The excitement, confusion and “Fuck it, whatever happens happens” aura was probably swaying through the cabin at light speed so everything was probably all fine and dandy. But as the week progressed, from the Tweets of the journalists and bloggers on board, confusion was looming and the tour life they were hoping to get a glimpse inside of was one of another.

Complaints of RiRi not being around surfaced. Complaints of being unsure of what was really going on before and after the shows were surfacing and complaints of fatigue were becoming more and more visible  (though none of these folks are trained to travel and perform as Rihanna is).

Then? Shit got authentic. First, it was the Paris stop to which Jeff from Rolling Stone described that the idea was “cunning”, but in a way poorly executed on Rihanna’s part due to her absence throughout. Then it was the “streaking” incident in which chaos commenced  on the flight from Berlin to London (sidebar: shit has to be STRESSFUL if you’re streaking on a Boeing 777 with Rihanna tucked somewhere on the same flight lol).

So here we are; deciding whether or not Team Rihanna made a genius move or a HUGE mistake that is currently biting her in the ass. I pose this question simply based on the fact that the chatter from folks on the flight haven’t really said much about the album, no? Maybe I’m missing a story or two, but for the past week it’s #777Tour talk via Twitter and your favorite entertainment sites, in a negative light to say the least. Hell, the @RihannaPlane handle  has even popped up on Twitter. And lord knows accounts like these can turn a situation Sam Cassell (Google him if you’re not sure who he is lol).

Maybe waiting a week AFTER the album dropped this could’ve been genius idea? Who on that flight, aside from the obvious, is actually BUILT for “that” life?  Of course any press is good press, but when you’re being held “captive” while reporting then the story lines change drastically: case in POINT.  Personally? I’m more worried about Rihanna’s reaction to the honest memories of the #777Tour goers. Shorty doesn’t bite her tongue for a soul on God’ green’s earth and I’m sure THIS will be no differnt.

Oh, Rihanna’s Unapologetic is in stores today.