Browsing through my submissions I stumbled upon this. Read what ILL Fam had to say below.

Im an artist from Delaware, currently in school and I rap from time to time with my friends. We decided why not get serious and see if people actually like our shit, but its hard to get exposure in delaware. Idk if you are familiar with this small state, but Delaware has a culture, in which they tend to not support their own. Mainly because the state is so small, everyone knows each other, so artists seem too close to home to be bigger than what they are. You know how the whole perception thing is.

Gene and TGodd make up ILL Family and by reading the above you can see they are having some trouble to get some support due to the State they live in. Here’s where we can come in handy. These dudes are far from untalented, they can both SPIT, and with Kick Back providing them with that smoothness they can do some damage. Peep this shit out below. VIBIN! This joint will appear on their forthcoming Non-Fiction tape. If either Gene or TGodd are reading this, hit me up if you need anymore help.