We just got our first real snow last night in Michigan, but there’s no doubt that the flurries will continue as Troy Ave and DJ Holiday prep the release of White Christmas. Chase N. Cashe, Mac Miller, Pusha T and a few others make their way onto the tape, due December 25th. Tracklist after the jump. POWDERrrr!

01. Anti Social
02. White Christmas
03. Chillin (feat. Mac Miller)
04. All Birds
05. Love Bands
06. Karate
07. Baby
08. Concrete Jungle (feat. Pusha T)
09. Igloo
10. Blanco
11. Only Life I Know (feat. Fabolous)
12. Love Sosa
13. Prize Fighter (feat. Avon Blocksdale & Sevin)
14. Hands Up (feat. Noreaga)
15. Red Lipstick (feat. Chase N. Cashe)
16. All Gold Everything
17. C.R.E.A.M
18. Grinding
19. The Love