Yeah, it’s been a long god damn time since we last spoke, huh lol? Frustration, laziness and distractions kept me from opening my mind with you guys and I apologize. Ok, now that THAT’s out the way, what do YOU value?

Really think about his question before you go blurting out a thought. Sit with it for a minute while you scroll though Twitter looking for an interesting conversation and/or avi to interact with (no #Catfish lol). What do you sincerely value in the different facets of your life? Professionally? Let’s head there first, shall we?

I’ve covered the topic of appreciating your space in the work place, right? Sacrificing, working hard, appreciating what you do and the ones around you right? But what part of that journey did you value? Of course you didn’t start out in the position you were in; no one did. You were that intern before. You were that junior executive before. You were that mail room employee before. Your salary wasn’t respectable but you had your sights set on the 6 to 7 figure lifestyle didn’t you? Of course you did. But do you remember that process of getting there? The sleepless nights? The constant reinventing of a specific proposal because the higher ups thought it sucked. Did you value that process? Did you take ANYTHING from that journey? Does the result outweigh your experience? Do you value that more than what you’ve learned over the years simply because you can now order someone ELSE to do your dirty work? Be honest with yourself right now.

What about that relationship you’ve been longing for? Yeah,m the one you’re in now. How much do you value situation. Like anything worth having, I’m SURE perfecting the dynamic between the two of you was NO easy feat. Hell I’m sure you two are STILL working at it right? But what is it that you VALUE about perfecting that dynamic. The fights? The milestones? The learning experiences that he/she has brought you through? Off TOP, you should be able to blurt out at least 3 things you value about your partner. I mean if you can’t, what’s the point of it? Oh? You’re just tolerating them until something else comes along huh? Yeah, smart idea. I’m not saying you have to go home and bring him/her a gesture stating you value them but every so often those words could do wonders more than a present can, no?

I woke up this morning just thinking about past experiences I’ve been through and what they’ve taught me. I went through various situations that pissed me off, brought me joy, handed me strife, caused confusion, activated tears and every other emotion under the sun. I then took each situation and focused on what kind of value came from it. Though some of the experiences I brought to my own attention, I focused on what value came from it. Whether it was the value of the lesson, the value of myself, the value of a specific person or whatever, I thought long and hard and I’m glad I did. It sparked this entry. And now I want to spark the idea of “value” in your mental. I can’t tell you who or what to value but you have to value SOMETHING, right? Right. Before you go, I’d like for you to watch the video below and tell me what you pull from it, cool? Thanks.