Man, the holiday season is closing in on us and before you even know it it will be upon us and I will be swiggin’ down a Baileys on the rocks with a King Edward cigar in front of an open fire, ahhh, the life! Soon after the Baileys swigging stops after Christmas it will be time to restart for new year, to save you counting it is 24 days until that clock strikes 12 and we celebrate a new year in life and music. So, I have decided to start this, Sherman’s 50. 50 tracks that have claimed my iTunes over this year in music.

The list is in NO ORDER, I literally have 50 songs penned down and will pick two random numbers out a hat everyday to decide which songs will be posted. It wont all be from signed artists either as you can tell today as we get the ball rolling with this from my man J.A.E., this shit was the PERFECT promo track for his Fruition mixtape. I remember when the video dropped and I sat there watching it and was impressed with the dude, I been a follower of his movement for quite sometime and to see his fanbase grow and grow is an honor. Low has even hosted a release party for the kid so I am sure he is a supporter of us, ain’t that how this game goes? So J.A.E., take it away sir.