The first track from my 50 list today comes from Chi-Town’s Jaye. We got this song back in January but 6 months later the video surfaced and I stuck to it like shit to a blanket. The track which appeared on his Fly Mob EP was one that definitely saw ALOT of rotation on my iTunes and for a long time it was the perfect shit to chill out and smoke too.

The video see’s the Illinois native draped in gold and surrounded by his crew, sounds boring I know but think again as half naked chicks and some trippy ass pictures are thrown about to add to the effect. Just pause the video at the 1:19 mark and tell me that don’t creep you out.

Jaye bounced off this record and after his Fly Mob EP done it’s rounds it was time for his FIAT LVX tape. All told it’s been a nice little year for Jaye, let’s hope next year blows this one out of the water.