Video: Trae The Truth Gives Back To The Homless In Texas

December 17, 2012 |  by  |  VIDEOS, VLOG

Just cause he can and cause he wants to. Salute to Trae The Truth.



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  1. Is he really trying to help a family in need? If so, my family fits the profile. My husband and I went from making $100,000 a yr, to living with a friend because we both were laid off an unemployment benefits were not enough to pay our mortgage. We list our home to foreclosure in July which is very devastating. I have a son who has dropped out of college because he is looking for work to help us out! This is hard for me to write because I am a very educated self sufficient person. My husband had recently found work but it is not enough to get us a place right now. I can only live with my friend for a while. The holiday is not good for us this year. Although we are grateful we have each other!


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