Beyonce can never just chill huh? Always has to “Run This World.” Well, Mrs. Carter is calling dibs on 2013 10 days in as the Queen has officially commenced on her “takeover.” First, it was the  announcement that she’ll be tumbling all over the 50 yard line for this year’s Superbowl. THEN, it was has DISGUSTING, and I mean disgusting in a good way, deal with Pepsi.

Lastly, the mother of 1, whose DAUGHTER THINKS SHE’S NICE IN UNO BUT I WILL CRUSH HER, decided to take her talents to Pennsylvania Ave for Barack’s “Return To The Crib” party. Crazy thing is, it’s not even February yet. And let’s not get started on the mumblings of her forthcoming solo LP in which she’s enlisted The Dream, Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake and Miguel, so far, as collaborators. It’s simply disturbing at the damage Beyonce is set to cause in the next 11 months.

And if THAT’S not enough, Beyonce and her THICK ass thighs are gracing the cover of GQ’s February issue. Sigh. Yeah, that’s all I have….SIGH! Below is probably the most POWERFUL quote from her GQ feature which ironically brings this post and what Beyonce’s accomplished over the past 30 years full circle.

Says Beyonce of her success, “I’m More Powerful Than My Mind Can Even Digest And Understand.”