New Year, New You huh? SHUT THY HELL UP! What? You’re just going to wipe yourself out on January 1st and become this new person with awesome features and a completely different mental because the world got a year older? No, that sounds explicitly retarded. Who said there was something wrong with the old you? Didn’t my nigga Shakespeare say “To thine own self be true?” I could’ve SWORN he did. To me? That means, be true to who YOU are. Don’t wipe yourself clean because of the cool slogans implemented by the society we live in. However, what you CAN do is sharpen up and refocus. Follow me for a second, will you?

You probably made your list of resolutions about how this year is your year to get your shit right, right? Got yourself a gym membership. Poured out all your liquor. Done dealing with bullshittin’ ass nuccaz and nuccettez. Gonna go to work all early. Gonna put more effort into generating more revenue and ideas. All because it’s a “New Year, New You, huh? Why did you wait until December 31st to fix and alter these things? Just so you know, January 1st is not a magical day where all your social, career, financial, domestic, and personal imperfections just go the hell away. Sorry to break it to you, they just don’t. No for real, they do NOT. I know the aura of NYE gives off that impeccable vibe that everything wrong in your life is now gone, but my nigga? It’s STILL there.

What you SHOULD’VE been doing is examining these imperfections and figuring out the best way to generate change, gradually. You can’t force, unless they’re detrimental to your health and those around you, change. It’s a process. And there’s not a darn thing wrong with gradually altering your wrongs and imperfections. I mean let’s face it, none of us are perfect, nor will we ever be.

For instance, you’re supposed to be at work by 10am everyday, but you’re always arriving at 10:45 huh? Ok, the change will take some time, so try waking up a tiny bit earlier everyday. Like I said, it’s all a process that we must endure before a total change takes place. There are plenty things that I need to work on and believe you me, a nigga has been working on them. But again, all these “changes” have been taking place before NYE. It doesn’t sit well with me that some folks think NYE is the only time of the year we can change the things that we don’t like or need polishing.

Everyday this year you should work on polishing whatever is that you don’t like about you or your daily routine. Prioritize these changes as you see fit and understand these changes will NOT happen overnight. So when NYE comes BACK around in 364 days? You won’t have a shit list of things you’re going to change because why? You’ve been working on them allllllllll year. Of course you’re not going to be perfect as stated before, but waiting until NYE is NOT going to make it any easier.

And another thing, EVERY year is your year. What? You take certain years off or something? Why? Nah, fuck all that, EVERY YEAR is your year until God decides you’re riding shotgun with him upstairs. Put your best foot forward EVERY DAMN DAY this year. You deserve it, your friends deserve it, the world deserves it, your family deserves it. Right? Right. Ok, bye!