Wait, why did you do that? Yeah, that? Why did you erase that grand idea in your head? For what? Oh, you think it’s not feasible because it’s out of the box and you don’t have the means, funds or resources to get it accomplished, huh? BULLSHIT. I come to you from an honest position because lord knows how many times I’ve had a plethora of ideas swarming in this peanut size head of mine but diminished my OWN reality because I just didn’t believe enough.

Maybe I didn’t have the right energy around me? Or maybe the momentum wasn’t correctly placed to where I wanted to go off a previous high to get even higher. But think about it: Why can’t you do what you’re thinking? Is it illegal? Probably not. Are you paralyzed? Hell, even if you were, a handful of things are STILL within reach. What was it exactly that pulled you back from dreaming so god damn big? Was it a certain girl/guy? Maybe it was your job sucking the CREATIVE MENTAL out of you everyday. There has to be a concrete reason as to WHY you thought it wouldn’t be a cool enough idea to execute.

Listen, a GOOD friend of mine brought me an idea this morning, right? Now I’m already riding a high from several other opportunities I’m involved in thus far in 2013 so I’m feeling pretty fucking good. So my friend explains this idea and I’m like “Wait, a god DAMN second: is this really possible?” At first I told him he was dreaming too big, but then I realized, “who in the FUCK am EYE to tell a FRIEND that their dream is too big? Too grand? Shame on me. So I switched my mind frame and rode shotgun with him.

As friends, you are supposed to ASSIST your friends in their dreams. Help them realize that anything that THEY’RE thinking is attainable. Now, if there are better options to present for these dreams of theirs, then by all means present them; that’s why you’re there. Never….and I mean NEVER shut down your friends dreams and aspirations. RIDE with them until the end. Share their enthusiasm, don’t kill it. Don’t you EVER kill your friends dreams.

My lunch is here and I’m on a tight schedule today, so I leave you with this simple gesture: DREAM BIG, MOTHERFUCKER (Sorry Dad, I know you hate when I curse in these posts but today called for it lol. Love ya)

Ok, bye.