That shit was dope right? You worked your ASS off yo get to THIS point because you just knew you were good enough to land in that specific position. The accolades and kind gestures have you feeling like a fucking/Queen because you worked so hard getting to THAT point. Can’t no one really tell you shit right now, huh? Man, this is a high that you would love to ride out till the motherfucking wheels fall off. Can it get any better? YES, YOU COMPLACENT FOOL! Follow me real quick.

This high? This monumental feeling of achievement that’s running through your body right now? Yeah, this isn’t SHIT compared to what you’ll feel when you REALLY get things rolling. This is just the tip of the iceberg; the game starts NOW. We work so hard to get to certain places in our life because we want the smell, taste and touch of success. It’s something we’ve desired since we could count from 1 to 10 without our parents helping us. Or when we walked from the couch to Mommy/Daddy’s arms for the first time. You screamed, laughed and giggled not because your parents were doing it but because that was your FIRST taste of success. And though you probably couldn’t actually say “YES, I SUCCEEDED” you were smart enough to understand you accomplished something great early in your life.

This is THAT. You accomplished something great in your life, but lordy lordy lordy it only gets better. But the trick is not to get lost in the shuffle. Not to get lost in the congratulations from every corner of your life. There’s a pie baking in the oven right now; it’s called HUMBLE. It comes in alllll different flavors too. Best thing about HUMBLE Pie? It’s FREE! Let me tell you a little story about when EYE had to serve myself a WHOLE HUMBLE Pie.

My last year at Howard University I received the On-Air Personality of the Year Award for Black College Radio. I believe this was back in April of 2005. Man was I on a fucking high. And because I was on a high? I thought I was going to land a NICE gig coming out of school. My logic was: I’m the hottest thing smoking in black college radio, where’s my JOB? Boy was I wrong and clueless as to how shit worked in the radio lol. Needless to say, I didn’t get a job in radio. I mean I got a job, but it was at the Front Desk of a Double Tree Hotel lol. You see where I’m going? I got complacent and wanted the world to come to me instead of going out into the world and taking what was mine.

Being on 106 & Park is NO different. You know what? I’m going to act like that shit didn’t even happen (not really, but u get what I’m saying lol). I smelled success yesterday. Not even smelled it, I got a WHIFF of it and BOY was that shit delicious. I want MORE. But I’m going to be SMART about how I attempt to obtain it. So I want you guys to take this lesson specifically and apply it to your grind, struggle, hustle and journey. Complacency is NOT the answer. Hell it’s almost like a mental drug and can turn TOXIC if it’s abused. Got it? Good. I out.