This Friday, Red Bull is holding their Thre3Style DJ Competition in Washington, D.C. at the Rock N Roll Hotel hosted by ME!. The competition will highlight 5 up and coming DJ’s from the DMV area in a 15 minute battle showcasing their skills allowing them to flex their muscle for a packed house. I interviewed each of the contestants so you guys could get a little familiar with them. Next up is DJ Heat. Currently an on-air personality for WPGC 95.5 FM’s AM drive time program with nationally respected host Miss Free, Heat is also a member of the Core DJs and as well, the Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning DC Metropolitan area hip-hop blog With regular gigs spinning at noted the DC hotspot the Stadium Club as well as a plethora of other top DC nightspots, she is truly one of the busiest women in arguably America’s most re-ascendant city.

1.) Could you ever see yourself putting out an album like DJ Clue, DJ Drama & DJ Khaled?
Yes, definitely. But I would have to genuinely have an interest and passion for it. So many people put out projects because it seems like the cool thing to do. Or you see them put out a single and say that the full project is coming, and it never does. Maybe they do it to just prove how many big names they can get on their body of work. If and when I do put out an album, it will be driven by passion and genuine love of music. Not for YouTube hits and blog posts.

2.) Do you think DJ’s are taking chances to break records on radio anymore?
As a radio DJ for one of the top markets, I will say that it’s harder these days to break records. Radio is of course a business whose focus is to generate revenue. You get revenue from ratings and you get ratings from people tuning in. With that being said, the ratings system allows for stations to see what songs make listeners tune out. So what is a DJ to do when you want to break an artist, but the people with the PPM ratings monitor turn the station when it comes on. Or there is no room on the playlist, because in radio you have to play the hottest songs to stay competitive. I honestly tell artists to not look to radio to get their buzz. This isn’t the 60s or 70s like the movie Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records where you run to a disc jockey to play your song and you blow up. Radio is the final factor. Let the streets break records. I can break a record in the club better than I could break on radio, and the artists will reap a better reward from it.

3.) What artist do you wish you could’ve co-signed early in their career?
Probably Akon. Weird choice, I know. But I say this because I learned a lesson from Akon and his grind. When he first started out early, the label had Akon calling DJs cell phones and leaving drops. I checked my voicemail and was like “Who is this guy? DELETE!” lol Then the single “Locked Up” caught on a little, and I was still like “Whatever”. But then as he grew more as an international sensation then becoming responsible for hipping us to T-Pain and of course Lady Gaga! Yeah, I wish I wouldn’t have deleted that voicemail and even answered my phone when he called. lol