This Friday, Red Bull is holding their Thre3Style DJ Competition in Washington, D.C. at the Rock N Roll Hotel hosted by ME!. The competition will highlight 5 up and coming DJ’s from the DMV area in a 15 minute battle showcasing their skills allowing them to flex their muscle for a packed house. I interviewed each of the contestants so you guys could get a little familiar with them. Next up is Trayze, member of the world renowned Beat Refinery Crew who has been DJing since the age 13 and made his first mixtape in the 10th grade! Peep the interview after the jump!

1.) Why’d you want to want to enter?
This competition is perfect for me. It allows me to display my creative side, and impress the crowd with my technical abilities. Its the perfect complete package. Its also REALLY fun, and entertaining. To be competing against the most technically skilled club DJs is a dream come true for me, and having living legends like Z-Trip, Jazzy Jeff, and A-Trak judge the finals sets the standard as high as possible. I hope I can make it that far!

2.) What’s your favorite genre or genre that you’re excited to see develop and expand?
Choosing a favorite is genre is way to difficult for me because I love so many different types of music equally. There is a type of music for every mood, time, and place! I’m very excited to see the continuation of cross-genre blending and de-polarization of music in the years to come. Combining old school with new, samples with synths, hip hop and dance, its amazing to see it all coming together. Not necessarily coming together like the mashup era, but having an audience that can appreciate different styles in the same place is a beautiful thing. We have the internet and music festivals to thank for that! Breaking boundaries!

3.) How are you preparing for Thre3style?
I always have interesting musical routines and combinations of songs that I perform live every weekend in my club sets, but I try to get more wild with it for the competition. I teach DJing and studio engineering twice a week, and I am literally behind the turntables about 30-35 hours a week total, so I try to fit in as much practice as I can. I have been testing out some things on my party crowds the past few weeks, but with an event like 3Style, you never know what the crowd will be like, so I like to keep different things on deck for any situation.

4.) What’s your style?
I call it, ‘The “OHHH!!” Moment’. I try to stand out as much as possible, but not in an annoying or obnoxious way, but in a way that you REALLY love, and you want more and more of! Everyone likes ice cream, I just want to be the wildest flavor! Does that make sense? HAHA! My goal is to get your to move your feet, go crazy, laugh, cry, and have as many “OHHHHH” moments as possible. Like, “did he REALLY just play THAT?” or… “OMG I havent heard that in FOREVER- that’s my JAM!!” Having fun, giving positive energy, and being memorable are most important to me when it comes to music.

5.) What does Thre3style mean to you?
Red Bull 3 Style is arguably the most relevant DJ competition around right now. It combines the best of party-rocking and creativity with turntablism and technical skill, which both mean a lot to me, because I work very hard to be the best I can at both of those facets of DJ’ing. To only master one or the other, a DJ wouldn’t be well-rounded. Be exciting, not boring.