Yo, it’s been a while since I personally done a Because I Felt Like It post and with a couple floating about today from Low I thought why not keep the ball rolling hey? My choice is a little so & so from Dubstep remixer Grifta who took Deadmau5′ Faxing Berlin and sprinkled it with his magic. Deadmau5 himself is someone I am a big fan of and for those who are also part of the clan you will more than likely know that he HATES Dubstep music. I must admit, I am not the crafts biggest admirer either but I CANNOT front about this. Grifta really took this track to another level.

We all got that batch of songs on our iPod that we got on there but never really listen too right? Well this was in that category on the ShermPod until last May when on a BOILING hot day, with a beer, some camo shorts, a tee and with the Pro Beats on this started playing, I would of skipped to the next song but I was way too damn comfy led on the grass looking at all the half naked chicks smother them self with sun cream. So, as time went on the beat built up and although the half naked chicks were doing their VERY BEST to take my attention away from what was coming through the headphones the song just got better and better and then the DROP, MAN!! This is something dope, trust me folks. It really is a track that can take you too another place, PERFECT for a summer playlist, trust me.